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2020, Circular Economy, Most Influential Series, Sustainable Organization -

With 2020 nearing its end, have a look at 20 organizations which proved to carry out their operations sustainably and successfully in this year despite the COVID 19 pandemic regarding development! 

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2019, Most Influential Series, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Organization -

Like every year’s tradition, this year again we come to all of you with a list of influential and sustainable companies of 2019 and it is a bonus for all our readers, this year we are listing 20 companies. We bring to you 10 influential and sustainable organizations from India and 10 from the world.

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2017, Circular Economy, Most Influential, Sustainable Organization -

There are many organizations making essential contributions to the environment, society and the sustainability of India. They are putting all efforts to facilitate the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist, while still satisfying the social, health and environmental needs of present and future generations. We have met many such organizations throughout the past few years and wanted to share a short list of some of the ones making the most impact!

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