Pads that are good for your Body, Community and Environment.

Pads that are good for your Body, Community and Environment.

Ready to stop plastic pad waste? Introducing Biodegradable & Compostable sanitary pads made from banana fibre

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Only 18% menstruators in India have access to sanitary pads. It takes less than $20 to give someone a hygienic period & to help alleviate period poverty.

Donate to help Saathi distribute eco-friendly, plastic-free sanitary pads to 5,000 menstruators in India... (Read More)

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Bamboo Biodegradable Pads.

Bamboo Biodegradable Pads.

Pads that are good for Body, Community and Environment.

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What Our Customers Say

Since the last few months I have been using your sanitary pads and it’s just truly amazing, wonderful too too good. The new packaging and manufacture of the 12 XL pads is simply superb. Pls continue the same and thank you for making the monthly experience comfortable for me and the environment. - Akshara

Thanks for the idea which is helping many girls like me to have all thirty days of the month as happy days and not just twenty-five days, I am so happy with the product it is the best of all that I know. - Diksha A.

I had rashes and itchiness after every period which continued for a long time and I started getting UTI infections twice or thrice. I consulted my gynecologist and she suspected vaginal and urinal infection. When I saw blood in my urine, we tested for kidney infection which had spread due to the UTI. Doctor  suggested that I use sanitary pads which don't contain chemicals. I switched to Saathi pads and for the last 3 months I haven’t suffered from any infection, itching or irritation- Komal V.

Hey, I tried out your pads and I loved them. They're so comfortable and breathable in! Thanks for turning worst nightmare into something nice. - Divya K.

Thanks you Saathi. The pads are extremely soft and comfortable. By buying these pads I feel I am contributing to the environment in a small way. - Anushree K.

I'm overwhelmed by this innovation after years of suffering with UTI due to other pads. Thank you so much. -Suma M. 

I am a very happy customer of your product and I am actually trying to get others to use it too. The feeling while wearing these pads is very natural and I thank you for providing us with this comfort. I also find that leaks are practically minimal and that I can be very relaxed during those days. - Shalini P.

Pads were very good. Very light. Didn't feel that I was wearing something. -Kinjal M.

From the time I came to know how the generic pads are polluting our environment and the ill effects they cause to our body, I started looking for eco-friendly alternatives and that is when I discovered Saathi. I have been using Saathi pads now for around 3 years and have no complaints regarding the quality of the pads. Whatever be the flow, Saathi pads have your back. There is no looking back now. It has brought a sense of satisfaction that to some extent I have been able to reduce my carbon footprint and have done my bit for nature. -Navpreet Kaur

For a couple of years we have been working towards sustainable choices in our lives. Pads were one aspect for which I had not found a good eco-friendly solution. After trying many brands, cloth / non-cloth, I stumbled across a Saathi ad on Facebook. Gave it a try and was comfortable with the product. Have been using them for about a year now. Thanks Saathi for working on sustainable menstruation in India. -Anubha Kothari

Plastic-free Periods!

Plastic-free Periods!

Saathi pads are made with plant-based materials, like banana fibre, instead of plastic. After you dispose of them in a waste bin, they can degrade within 6 months!

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Pads for Every Woman!

Pads for Every Woman!

By purchasing Saathi pads, you also give the gift of biodegradable pads to women in rural communities. Check out our #OneMillionPads Program in rural Jharkhand!

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Support Our #OneMillionPads Program

Give the gift of biodegradable pads to women in rural Jharkhand. Program in partnership with Ekal Vidyalaya & Arogya Foundation of India. Watch our video below to learn more!

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Banana fiber changing lives of rural women.


What are the differences between Saathi pads and other brands?

Saathi pads are biodegradable and made from banana fibre. Most pads are 90% plastic and made from chlorine-bleached wood pulp. We do not let gels, chemicals or synthetic fibres near your body, to prevent itching and rashes. Our pads can also degrade within 6 months- 1200x faster than plastic pads!

What are the benefits of banana fibre?

Banana fibre is an eco-friendly material that provides you great absorbency. The fibre comes from the stem of the banana tree. There are more than 1.2 million acres of banana trees planted in India, and they require less water and fertilizer to grow than cotton. Before there was a use for banana fibre, farmers would compost the banana trees after each harvest. Now, they earn extra income by selling the fibre and you get all-natural pads!

What size are Saathi pads?

Saathi pads come in XL Wings and Overnight size for Banana fiber pads . They are suitable for regular to heavy flow. 

We also have Regular, XL and Overnight size pads in Bamboo fiber pads. They are suitable for regular to heavy flow.

How do I dispose of Saathi pads?

You may dispose of Saathi pads normally in a waste bin. Saathi pads degrade within 6 months of disposal under normal conditions!

I have not received all my order?

Don't Panic some times in case of large orders we deliver boxes separately, your left over ordered quantity will reach you soon. we make sure to deliver all your ordered number of boxes to you. You can drop us an email on