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If you are a CSR, School, NGO or government organization, and are trying to support underserved women and girls with biodegradable sanitary pads in India, please email us directly at


The main focus of our workshops is to create awareness about menstrual hygiene & sustainable menstruation. Our workshops provide a platform for an open discussion about these topics which remain taboo.

See below about our past workshops and the types of workshops we offer. Any questions or inquiries please reach out to

Sustainable Menstruation Workshops:

- Ahmedabad - International Women's Day Workshop Co-Hosted by American Corner & Utkarsh

- Ahmedabad - Co-Hosted by Saathi & Anupriya Pande, Blogger at Menstrupedia

- Bangalore - Co-Hosted by Saathi & Poonam Bir Kasturi from Daily Dump

- Mumbai - Bombay Teachers' Training CollegeDelhi - Shri Ram College of Commerce

- Ahmedabad - Design Thinking Workshop Co-Hosted by TheaCare

- Bangalore - IIM Bangalore at their fest UNMAAD

- Oslo - Oslo International School

- Oslo - University of Oslo

- Scotland - University of St Andrews

- London - University of Westminster New Cavendish Campus

- London - Infosys

- London - Imperial College

- London - University of Westminster Marylebone Campus

Menstrual Hygiene Workshops:

- Jharkhand

- Ranchi

- Ahmedabad

- Maharastra

Speaking Opportunities

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Sankalp Forum

Watch this virtual session which will showcase the outstanding work of 8 Cartier Women’s Initiative fellows who are leveraging business as a force for good.

Tech Sparks

At TechSparks 2020, four finalist startups from India shared their experiences on building commercially successful startups while solving global challenges.


Tarun was a circular economy speaker for TEDx, which supports independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community.

Women Deliver

Learn about how looking through a gender lens informs approaches to innovation and technology, and reshapes the world.


In this talk, Kristin's main focus will be on her idea of pioneering a way forward as an agent of change.

Saathi x Circular Economy

Saathi Co-Founder Kristin speaks on Saathi's plastic avoidance program.

Cooper Hewitt

Live from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City in 2019.

Makerfest 2016

Meet Saathi Team who is taking care of women MakerFest2016

One Million Pads

Our One Million Pads initiative aims to accelerate access to safe, eco-friendly menstrual products and menstrual hygiene education for girls and women in underserved areas across India. We work with local partners to make sure our pads are distributed to girls and women who need it most and that the pads come with the training required as well. Over time this creates a longer lasting impact because our training includes everything from menstrual hygiene awareness to how to use and dispose of the pads.

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Our 1 Million Pads Initiative partners with NGO's to provide biodegradable sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene education to underserved women.

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Our workshops are held to promote menstrual hygiene, break the taboo, and discuss how to dispose of pads properly and sustainably. See more in the above section.

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We measure our impact on health, community and environment based on the UN SDGs. There are 5 key metrics we measure.

Contribute Now!

To accelerate our reach to underserved populations in India and address period poverty, we have partnered with two NGOs (Project Kilimanjaro in the US and Tattv Bodh Foundation in India). The campaign is divided into two parts to allow people in and in the US to get tax-deductible benefits.

It takes only INR1500 ($20) to provide sustainable menstrual products and menstrual hygiene education to 1 menstruator for an entire year contributing to her overall menstrual health and awareness, confidence, reducing the stigma of puberty, and other long-term benefits. You can be part of the change. If you are in India, contribute to the cause, share your thoughts with the community, and influence 5 more people to join the cause!

Tackling Waste with Plastic Avoidance Credits

Saathi was recently were featured by Business Insider in their World Wide Waste series:

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We're also currently working on a program for companies to get carbon offset and plastic avoidance credits.

Saathi Circular Credits

What is it?

At Saathi, our circular manufacturer makes biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads that replace plastic and bleach materials, making it possible to generate plastic avoidance credits.

Why Saathi’s Circular Credits?

Unlike a traditional plastic credit, the transaction of a plastic avoidance credit allows for companies to offset their company’s plastic footprint.

Ultimately, the direct partnership formed between your company and Saathi will help you reduce your plastic footprint while making an impactful difference.

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Female Fridays & Saathi Samvaad

We currently have a few series featured on our YouTube. Female Friday's recognize important women we want to recognize. While our Samvaad series cover a range of topics.

Female Fridays

Checkout our Female Fridays series.

Saathi Samvaad

Open discussions with Saathi Samvaad.

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