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Saathi Sanitary Pads

What are Saathi pads made of?

Saathi pads are made from natural, unbleached banana or bamboo fibers which are not treated with any harmful chemicals. The pads are processed in an environmentally safe manner to ensure hygiene and consistent quality but do not contain potential carcinogens like dioxin, chlorine, other bleaching agents, artificial perfumes and gels. The fibers act as a super absorbent core, capable of absorbing menstrual blood flow for a comfortable experience yet are easy on the environment after being discarded.

What is the difference between bamboo & banana pads?

Banana fiber pads are our flagship product - we are the only patented disposable product in the world made from banana fiber as an absorbent core. Banana fibers are highly absorbent compared to other natural fibers and ideal for use in sanitary pads. Saathi banana fiber pads are available in 2 sizes - XL (for light to medium flow) and Overnight (for heavy flow). Banana fiber pads are fluffy and perfect if you like that reassuring thickness when on your period.

Bamboo fiber pads are ultra-thin and we also sell panty-liners made from a bamboo fiber core. In the bamboo pads also, there’s no plastic at all in any of the layers. Bamboo fiber pads are ideal when you are out to paint the town red (pun absolutely unintended) and want leak-proof, rash-free comfort in an ultra-thin form. Saathi bamboo fiber pads are available in 3 sizes - Regular (for light flow), XL (for light to medium flow) and Overnight (for heavy flow).

Are Saathi pads and panty liners hygienic?

Yes, Saathi pads are completely hygienic. They are prepared under tightly controlled conditions and go through rigorous checks and tests before and after packaging. You can rest assured that every Saathi product is absolutely safe to use.

Are Saathi pads reusable?

No, Saathi sanitary pads are meant to be used only once. Once a Saathi pad is used, it must be wrapped in either a newspaper/scrap of waste paper and disposed of

Are the individual pad wrappers biodegradable?

Yes, the wrappers that Saathi pads come in, are made out of plant-based material, treated sustainably to encase the product within.

How do I use Saathi pads?

  1. Remove the release paper from the back of the pad/panty liner.
  2. Stick the pad firmly onto your underwear.
  3. Remove the release paper from the wings.
  4. Wrap the wings around both sides of the underwear and press firmly and smoothen.
  5. Please change your pad within 4-6 hours, if your flow is heavy then we recommend changing every 2 hours.
  6. After use, wrap the pad in waste paper and dispose only into a closed bin. Please do not flush/incinerate the pad or any of its contents.
Why Saathi?

Why should I use Saathi in place of a normal sanitary pad?

Conventional sanitary pads use plastic in the bottom layer, for the individual pad wrapper and for the outer packaging and chemical irritants like perfumes and gels in the absorbent layer. Multiple layers contain bleach which irritates our skin especially since it’s the most sensitive part of our body. The accumulates in landfills after disposal.

Saathi pads on the other hand achieve all 3 layers using only biodegradable plant-based materials. The wrappers are a plant-based membrane and the boxes are paper and recycled cardboard. The entire product and packaging take about 6 months to decompose after use.

Check out this video to learn more about how we stand out from other brands!

Why are Saathi pads good for the body, community and environment?

Saathi pads help manage period flow and generate local employment without adding to plastic pollution. Hence, they not only help care for your body, but also positively impact local communities of farmers, factory workers and their families as well as prevent environmental pollution with plastic.

Check out our story here, to know Saathi more deeply.

Can I collaborate with Saathi?

That would be awesome! We have collaborated both with individuals and brands, please send us your proposal at

I am interested in participating in one of your workshops, how do I do that?

That’s great! Please reach out to us at and check out our workshops page.
Orders & Shipping

Can I modify my details after placing the order?

Yes you can modify your account details in your profile. Simply log in and go to the top right “human” icon to access your profile.

However, you will need to send us an email to with details of your updated address to ensure smooth shipping.

Can I cancel my order?

We do not offer refunds on cancelled purchases currently. You can however choose to get exchanges/replacements for the products you buy, provided the packaging is not damaged and you contact us within a week of delivery of your purchase.

Can an item be exchanged or refunded?

Products may be returned within 7 days of delivery, subject to the terms below. Returned products can only be exchanged/replaced.
No monetary rewards/refunds will be granted.
  1. Once sold, products can only be returned if the packaging is damaged, if there was damage during transport, or the product is of inferior quality (untouched). Inferior quality is defined as quality lower than what is written in the product description. Used products cannot be returned.
  2. The product in real life may look different from the display images owing to different lighting/actual printing. Products can not be returned on the basis that the product or packaging is not an exact replica of the display.
  3. To receive your replacement, the original product must be returned. We reserve the right to determine whether the product is in a satisfactory condition for use.
To initiate a return, please email with your sales invoice number and “Return” in the subject line. We will respond promptly to assist you with your return.

How long does a refund take?

Saathi policy does not permit refunds. We can definitely assist you with any exchanges/replacements if you raise a query with us within 7 days of receipt of your order. After this, kindly expect a lead time of 2-3 working days within which we will help you out!

I placed an order, but I didn’t get any tracking details or confirmation. What do I do?

Please double check that you entered your details correctly during checkout. We collect your email ID and phone number to assist during shipping of your orders, so please do make sure that those details (also check your pin code in the address) are accurate.

If they are correct and you still have not received any confirmation, please email us at with your order details such as order number (if you have it), your mobile number and contents of your order. We will reply within 0-3 business days!

Where can I track my order?

Go to

Click on the “human” icon on the top right corner of the home page. Log in with your registered details.

Then, click on “My Order History” and click through to your most recent order. You should be able to see the tracking ID and details therein.

In case your shipment has not reached you within 10 days, please email us with your order number at
Bulk & International Orders

Do you sell Saathi pads in bulk? I want to buy them for my school or office.

If you wish to buy products in bulk, please fill this form or drop your inquiry at

Do you sell Saathi pads internationally?

Yes, Saathi Pads are present across 5 world regions: South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, East Asia and Eastern Europe
Subscription Box

What is Subscription Box?

Saathi Subscription Boxes make the process of getting your stock of sanitary pads easier and more affordable. All you need to do is subscribe once and get access to 3, 6 or 12 months of Saathi pads in easy-to-track shipments. The Saathi subscription boxes also help you make savings of upto 40% and are a guarantee that you never run out of pads in an emergency.

Depending on your menstrual flow pattern, you can choose the sizes of pads you need for each month. You can choose as many pads you need for your cycle.

For banana pads, you can choose between XL & Overnight.
For bamboo pads, you can choose between Regular, XL & Overnight.

If you require more than 8 or 12 pads per month (standard pack sizes at Saathi), you also have the option to choose how many boxes you would like per month, for 3, 6 and 12 months. If you feel like you want a mix of banana and bamboo fiber pads, you can opt for 2 or more subscriptions at once too!

How do I change my location of delivery for the rest of the subscription?

Just drop an email to with your updated address and we will do the rest! Also, don’t forget to update your address in the profile section of your account.
Accounts & Payments

Help! I forgot my password. What do I do?

Not to worry, it is easy, takes no more than 5 minutes to set right.

Enter your email address (the one you registered on Saathi with) and then click on forgot password. Be sure to authenticate yourself as a non-robot and enter your email address again, you should receive a “password reset” link there.

Then check your email account for an email from Do check your spam and promotions folder in case you don’t see it in your inbox. Mark as not spam and click on the link.
It should prompt you to set up a new password, and you should be able to log into your Saathi account again.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

Yes, setting up an account is needed to order Saathi Pads.This helps us get essential details like your email ID and phone number, for helping you track your shipments and manage communication with you. It is also secure and makes sure you always have access to your order history and status.