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2020, Circular Economy, Most Influential Series, Sustainable Organization -

With 2020 nearing its end, have a look at 20 organizations which proved to carry out their operations sustainably and successfully in this year despite the COVID 19 pandemic regarding development! 

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2020, Most Influential Series, Raising Awareness, Women's Health -

This women’s day Saathi took an initiative towards collaboration and building a community to support women.

Saathi strongly believes that “When there is a woman, there is prosperity.” We believe that to empower women we have to appreciate every small step taken by other women.

We compiled a list of quotes by women who are changing the world and making it a better place to live.

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2019, Most Influential Series, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Organization -

Like every year’s tradition, this year again we come to all of you with a list of influential and sustainable companies of 2019 and it is a bonus for all our readers, this year we are listing 20 companies. We bring to you 10 influential and sustainable organizations from India and 10 from the world.

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