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About Saathi

Saathi is a manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products. Founded by graduates from MIT (US) and Nirma, we are innovators in the use of alternative materials and zero-waste production. Our mission is to create hygiene products that are good for the body, environment, and community.

Our first product, biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fiber, stands to revolutionize the feminine hygiene sector. Each woman using Saathi pads can save 60kg of pad waste in her lifetime. When women purchase a box of Saathi pads, they subsidize the price of pads sold to women in urban slum and rural areas. We are building an unstoppable team to help us bring Saathi biodegradable pads to women across India, and around the world.


Some of the schools our interns came from... 

Actively Hiring

HR Executive

Graphic Designer

Communication Specialist/Storyteller

Business Development 


Passively Hiring

Web Developer

Sales Distribution

Research & Development

Supply Chain Engineer

Digital Marketer


Internship Opportunities

Web Developer
  1. Drive the development of web-based applications for our website
  2. Write codes for the website using HTML, Javascript, CSS and integrate graphics, audio, video into the website.
  3. Evaluating code to ensure it meets industry standards, is valid, is properly structured, and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
Customer Survey
  1. Communicating with customers through various channels, acknowledging and resolving customer complaints.
  2. Knowing our products inside and out so that you can answer questions.
  3. Designing, conducting, and analyzing customer surveys.
  4. Call the customers and take product feedback from them.
Market Research
  1. Develop a strategy for introducing our product to these international markets
  2. Conduct web research to understand the size of the market in India for hygiene products we are planning to launch (this will require very extensive research by state, cities, and metros)
  3. Develop a go-to digital market strategy
Content Writer
  1. Writing, editing, and releasing content for blog, Medium, website and social media posts
  2. It also includes editing and proofreading existing content.
  3. Researching content topics.
  4. Excellent verbal and written skills.
  5. Any basic SEO knowledge is a plus.

Why you should work at Saathi:

  • Meaningful work with Environmental, Social and Health Impacts
  • Lively work environment with innovative and diverse team of people passionate about health, community and environment
  • Lots of opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact
  • Will get to work in a dynamic, award winning and globally recognized start up.
  • You will be responsible for your own projects.
  • You get the opportunity to discover, display and implement your skills and contribute to the company in a meaningful way.
  • You will get goals, guidelines and feedback but the project will be self driven.

Hear what our team has to say:

Check out our blogs written by our interns: Musings from an Intern at Saathi, What it's like to be an intern at Saathi?, Intern Experience Sharing, and Working at Saathi: How I became a Prototyping Wizard to know more about Saathi.


Words from the team

Sweena Y, HR

"Wishing Saathi the best on her Birthday. Why do I address her to Saathi. Because its the "Her" who has the strength to stand long and achieve the vision that she had laid for herself towards the duty of the Mother Earth-(Bringing in products that are sustainable for both us and the Mother Earth).

Lovely place to work

All the best Saathi and wishing many more to comes...."

Shreyans, Sales

"Banana Fiber! Are you serious? That was the first amaze filled reaction that I used to get everytime I tell people that Saathi brings sanitary pads made from banana fiber. Being part of a team and serving in a role that impacted the number of beneficiaries that the product reached was a revolutionary experience."

Rupesh R, Sales 

"I worked with Saathi at an early stage of the company. I absolutely adored the way that the team was shaping up. The team is highly Energetic and process driven.

I wish Saathi to be a very successful social enterprise, and become an inspiration in India for other companies, entrepreneurs and Individuals to follow"

Aaron K, Mechanical Design Intern 

"I'm wishing all of the best for Saathi!"

Aashika J, Content Writing intern

"I discovered myself as a creative person who can write original content on any given topic. Moreover, I didn't know that I possess these skills prior to doing this internship. A huge thanks to Saathi pads for giving me such a golden opportunity to work under great mentors whose feedback helped me to grow."

Prisha, Graphic Design Intern

"To anyone who's planning on applying for a position at Saathi, there are endless reasons why you should apply here. One thing that I loved the most was inclusiveness, even as an designing intern I was invited to marketing meetings and was allowed to share my opinions on campaigns this work culture is very rare to find these days, secondly you'll have a lot of creative freedom here so go for it and you'll have a blast working here!!”


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