Our Impact


Most women in India experience Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), and 70% report Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs)

Rural India has an annual dropout rate of almost 23 million girls because of inadequate sanitation facilities and lack of access to menstrual products.

In India, only 36% of women have access to sanitary pads, with the majority using plastic pads.

In India, 12 billion plastic sanitary pads are used annually, creating drainage problems and clogging landfills.

If all menstruating Indian women used plastic sanitary pads, it would create 1,000,000 tons of waste each year.

The Roots of our Impact

Saathi is built on three pillars: body, community & environment. These are the roots of our business and what guides us in all of our work. Through our inclusive business model, we not only provide sanitary pads to women who don’t have access and empower women in our local community, but also promote a sustainable environment. We have provided employment opportunities for women and additional income for farmers. See more about how it works below.


Saathi pads are made of bamboo and banana fibers and help menstruating women avoid rashes and irritation during their period. Plastic pads can damage our bodies in ways that we don't realize. The chemical-free nature of these materials makes them safe for the environment and the menstruator.



We have an all-women in our manufacturing unit which allows us to provide livelihood opportunities to women. Farmers growing banana trees gain additional income as we purchase their otherwise discarded agri-waste to make our pads.



We eliminate plastic waste and CO2 emissions by manufacturing products that are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and chemical-free.


How your impact helps

Known as Global Goals, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed as long-term plans to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure peace and prosperity for all by 2030. Saathi works towards 8 UN SDGs as a part of our inclusive business model.

Girls and women get pads

Urban women purchase Saathi pads online and in retails at a premium which subsidizes pads for women in undeserved areas

More employment for women

By giving employment to rural underprivileged women, we are able to provide additional income to them

Farmers get additional Income

By purchasing agri-waste of the banana trees which is generally discarde, we are able to provide additional income to the farmers

Reducing plastic wastes and CO2 emissions

By replacing plastic and chemical filled sanitary pads with completely biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads, we are able to reduce considerable amounts of plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

Why partner with us?

Why should you partner with us? Here's why:

  • You can become a part of the circular/green economy.
  • With your support, we can empower more girls & women to reach their full potential.
  • In our efforts to promote health, sustainability & gender equality, we strive for excellence.
  • We are the only manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads in the world.
  • Our company has won numerous awards for innovation, social responsibility and sustainability.

How to partner with us

Interested in becoming a part of the cause?

  • Feel free to reach out to us at
  • Whether you're an individual donor,NGO, or corporate, we would be glad to have you on board.
  • Let's make a difference together!

Our 1 Million Pads Initiative:


Our 1 Million Pads Initiative partners with NGOs to provide biodegradable sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene education to underserved women.


Workshops are held to promote menstrual hygiene, break the taboo, and also to discuss how to dispose of their pads.


We measure our impact on health, community and the environment based on the UN SDGs. We measure 5 key metrics.

Contribute Now

To accelerate our reach to underserved populations in India and address period poverty, we have partnered with two NGOs (Project Kilimanjaro in the US and Tattv Bodh Foundation in India). The campaign is divided into two parts to allow people in and in the US to get tax-deductible benefits.

It takes only INR1500 ($20) to provide sustainable menstrual products and menstrual hygiene education to 1 menstruator for an entire year contributing to her overall menstrual health and awareness, confidence, reducing the stigma of puberty, and other long-term benefits. You can be part of the change. Contribute to the cause, share your thoughts with the community, and influence 5 more people to join the cause!

Our Vision for 2030

Better Health

Sustainable behaviour change in menstrual health management.

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Buy One, Give One

Distributing sanitary pads as many underserved women & girls as possible.

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Eco-Friendly Periods!

Responsible manufacturing and reducing plastic waste & CO2 emissions.

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Besides supporting women, your purchase also supports environmental sustainability. Every purchase you make directly impacts women’s health, local communities in our supply chain and creating a plastic-free environment.

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We are excited to work with all kinds of partners. Do you want to collaborate on a project or work with us to increase access to sanitary pads or reduce your plastic waste and carbon emissions? We are open to ideas.

Feel free to contact us at outreach@saathipads.com, and we'll get back to you!