Top 20 sustainable organizations of 2021

Top 20 sustainable organizations of 2021 in World and India by Saathi Pads

Our tradition of highlighting the top sustainable companies that made a positive impact in the year continues on the special demand of our public and we are in absolute awe of how many companies stay dedicated to making this world a better place to live for us and for the generations to come!

The past few years have been tough on everyone. People have been fighting their battles mentally, emotionally, and physically more than ever. Many lost their loved ones, while others lost their homes & jobs, there were forest fires, and we saw climate change. But, 2021 was not all bad- while COVID-19 still existed, more than 100 million vaccinations were administered, UN declared this year as the International Year of Peace and Trust, many people got their jobs back, Kamala Harris became the first female & black Vice President of the United States, the IPCC report and COP made their contribution and we’re excited to highlight the work of other sustainable & impactful organizations. 


On that note, it is safe to say that the ‘good’ that kept on coming was the sustainable organizations and companies that did not stop for a minute and stayed focused on making this world better than ever, because well, the truth is- the world depends on such organizations. The aim of writing this blog is to highlight, raise awareness and appreciate the efforts of these startups and organizations that have been able to balance environmental and social benefits while delivering superior products and services to their customers and making the world a better place to live. 


So, below is the list of the top 20 sustainable and impactful organizations of the year 2021 and we would like to show them our gratitude and thank them for the amazing work that they are doing. 


Top sustainable organizations of 2021 in India:


  • Bambrew: Bambrew is based in India and is a sustainable packaging development company that provides a sustainable and plastic-free alternative in packaging.

  • BossLady: Based in India, BossLady is a vegan, natural, and cruelty-free cosmetics brand that was founded in February 2019. The products here are made using ingredients like jojoba oil, sunflower wax, almond oil, calendula wax among others.

  • Craste: Another amazing organization based in India, Craste works towards building sustainable packaging and furniture from crop waste. 

  • Evlogia Eco Care Private Limited:  Evlogia Eco Care Private Limited is based in Bengaluru  make leafy straws that are the most effective alternative to plastic straws which does not harm the environment at all. These straws are 100 percent organic & biodegradable and are your friends in every way!

  • Kingo: Kingo is based in Bengaluru, India and it provides decentralized solar energy services to families and businesses in off-grid villages across the world; turning their lives ON towards a better future.

  • Recharkha: Recharkha is based in India and upcycles waste plastic bags and multilayered wrappers using a traditional charkha and handloom, thus enabling livelihood opportunities for tribal women, artisans, and waste pickers. The upcycled, handwoven fabric is then designed and tailored into fashion accessories, daily utility products, and home decor products for conscious consumers located all over the world.

  • Taxshe: Based in India, Taxshe is a movement that makes India safer by knitting together a reliable transport fabric exclusively for women and children. They are a team of women custodians and "alternate moms" who drive women and kids to their destinations. Taxshe is not another cab service, they are the pioneers who have understood the epidemic of Child Sexual Abuse and found the most practical way to combat it - "Women Drivers".

  • The Recycling Company: Based in Mumbai, The Recycling Company is one of India’s leading Waste Management Companies. From management consultants to investment bankers, people have quit their corporate jobs to come together and find this solution for a better, healthy, and sustainable future. Their aim is to create a circular economy and approach the problem of waste generation and assessing its economic and environmental impact. Not only that, the people at this company have been working towards this goal for the last 10 YEARS! Isn’t that just amazing?

Top sustainable organizations from around the world:

  • Banyan Water: Banyan Water is based in Austin and provides water management software and services for all businesses. They help reduce your water spend, prevent leaks, and easily access data for portfolio-wide water system improvements.

  • Biolive: Based in Turkey, Biolive  is a biotechnology company that produces and sells antimicrobial and antioxidant bioplastic granules from olive seeds. They also design and develop the technical production process.

  • Carbon Click: CarbonClick is based in New Zealand and creates clever solutions that help people offset the carbon emissions of their purchases. With helping over 1,002 businesses and 115,243 businesses take climate action- all of their projects are fully certified and meet UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Environmental Bamboo Foundation: Based in Indonesia, Environmental Bamboo Foundation strives to expand 1000 bamboo villages in Indonesia and 10,000 bamboo villages in nine nations globally with a breakthrough strategy to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change and land degradation while creating economic opportunities and social inclusion for rural communities. 

  • EcoSPEARS: EcoSPEARS is an environmental technology company ushering in the net-zero future of environmental remediation. Their green technologies were created by brilliant NASA scientists and engineers and their technology development approach is rooted in green chemistry and intelligent design using non-toxic reagents in ambient pressures and temperatures. 

  • For the better good: Based and found in New Zealand, For the better good launched a plant-based, reusable “Better Bottle” with the aim of eliminating a huge source of waste: plastic water bottles. 

  • Glanris: Glanris is based in the United States and it helps to address climate change by reducing the hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases each year that are produced by burning agricultural waste in the fields. They serve the industrial, municipal, and residential sectors and are fast, green, economical, and effective.

  • Live Green Co: This organization is based in Boston, USA, and is a food-tech company, with the vision of accelerating the world's transition to health and sustainability using proprietary technology.

  • NextLoopp: Based in the UK, Nextloopp works on creating circular food-grade recycled polypropylene from post-consumer packaging for a sustainable future. It also focuses on Environmental conversation. 

  • Ocean cleanup: Ocean cleanup is based in New York and is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to get rid of the plastics in the oceans. To achieve this objective, they work on a combination of closing the source and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and doesn’t go away by itself. They say that ‘This goal means we plan to put ourselves out of business – once we have completed this project, our work is done’. 

  • Pleasant State: This Australia-based organization lives by the words- ‘If not us, then who?’ and their actions definitely speak for themselves. They aim towards reducing plastic waste and promoting the reuse economy with refillable, accessible, and ocean-friendly cleaning product solutions. And the cherry on the top?- for every product sold, 2% of sales or 20% of their profits go towards charity and oh, here’s a spoiler- their products are actually effective- not only for your homes but also for the environment and not to mention the charities that they selflessly provide to.

  • Sinba: Based in Lima, Peru- Sinba started with a question just as little as ‘what happens to our garbage?’ This initiative was taken by a group of friends in 2016 and they haven’t stopped working on it since then. They offer services like waste management, training, collection, and processing based on the #sinba sura principles, inspired by the circular economy.

If you know of any sustainable business/companies or socially impactful organizations that you’d like people to know about, please share them in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

Note- The nominations for the 2022 top sustainable companies and impactful organizations would open in early October so keep an eye out for the same on our social media handles or by subscribing to our email newsletter. 


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