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Reduce your carbon footprint...

Transport is a large contributor towards global greenhouse gases (GHG). It accounts for about 29% of global GHG. Trying to be more aware of the way in which you travel has a big impact on your carbon footprint. Being more conscious of sustainable travel options is a great step towards addressing climate change. Here are some options on how to travel more sustainably.

Options to travel sustainably


It is one of the best ways to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment. For example, if you are living close to work colleagues, you may carpool together as you have the same work destination. Not only will it benefit the environment, but it will also be beneficial financially. Especially with rising fuel prices, you can always share the travel and divide the fuel money. It will also incentivize you to reach office on time as you will be healthily co-dependent on each other. Carpooling is a great way to save money and protect the environment at the same time, while still getting the comfort of being in your own or another's car.

Uber/ Ola services

Opting for this will help you save time from chasing a taxi or refilling your fuel at the last minute


This mode of transportation is both convenient and produces less pollution than a four-wheeler or three-wheeler would.


Cycling is a great form of exercise and for distances that are too far to walk, are a great medium option for getting around the city. Plus, they don't require any gas or electricity! Don't forget your helmet and to always be mindful of the motorized traffic around you. Some areas of the city may even have bike paths.

Couch with pillow

Why not try a Staycation?

Instead of going somewhere for your next vacation, why not try something local?
Here are some of the benefits of traveling local rather than far away:

  1. You can save time because both the planning process of your travel and time to reach the destination are significantly reduced.
  2. There is no jet lag and you can focus more on leisure time rather than recovering from the tiredness of the journey.
  3. It is much more convenient for short breaks, you will not have to struggle for food options if it is nearby your city, and you will be able to appreciate the moments more.
  4. You get an opportunity to explore new areas around you, and maybe you'll find that it reminds you of somewhere far away or maybe you'll discover a new local shop or local food!
  5. You can overpack!- you no longer would have to weigh your bags or luggage. Moreover, you will have more space to get presents for your family and friends.
  6. As flying is one of the highest contributors to greenhouse gases, traveling by car/train is much better for the environment and it's more cost effective.
  7. It is great for road trips and picnic lovers too!
  8. It can prove to be an enriching experience and adventure for a once a week outing.

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