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Organic Waste and Home-grown Food

Composting is a great way to upcycle your fruit and vegetable waste. You can either buy it from a local nursery or make your own compost very easily at home, and the result is a nutrient-rich and eco-friendly fertilizer that you can use in your garden or home plants or maybe give back to a farmers market or local nursery.

  • Create a small pit in your backyard or set up a small clay pot in your apartment where you can dispose of dried leaves, coffee grounds, vegetables and fruit peels, basically all compostable organic materials. After a period of time, you will be able to use this as a form of natural fertilizer that is rich in nutrients for healthy soil.
  • If you want to know more about how to compost, we made a video on our YouTube channel about 73 questions about composting! There are tons of great tips in that video.
  • Can be bought from a local nursery.

Foods which you can grow at home:

  • Grow your own herbs at home such as mint, coriander, basil or thyme (check out our tab on DIY as you can learn to plant your herbs in recycled waste, such as old drawers or tin cans)
  • Homegrown Chillies, whichever color you prefer; yellow, green, red or green and red
  • Aloe Vera; a great plant to have aesthetically in the house, but also a great plant to use for creams or burns
  • Tomato plants - make sure to give them lots and lots of sunlight!
  • Any other fruits and vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or rhubarb.

Great organic food to buy for your home:

  • Organic Dairy Products
  • Fresh Guava, Mango, Chikoo, Pomegranate, Bitter Gourd, Jackfruit and Banana
  • Organic Amla powder, Curry leaves, drumsticks, Groundnut and Jaggery
  • Instead of packed pulses and flour, look out for organic pulses, mix grain flour, and organic sugar.
  • Organic wholemeal wheat
  • Organic vegetables such as ladyfinger (okhra)
  • Cold pressed oils.
  • This link here is a shop where you can build organic and sustainable foods: http://satvaras.com/

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