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Our Impact

We realized that the impacts we're measuring aligned with various UN SDGs and are excited to be part of the solution.We have partnered with various NGOs, CSR to work on various projects to address period poverty.

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Saathi pads are made of bamboo and banana fibers and help menstruators avoid rashes and irritation during their period. Plastics pads can damage our bodies in ways that we don't realize. The chemical-free nature of these materials makes them safe for the environment and the menstruator.

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Menstruation Not Just a Female Issue
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We have an all-women in our manufacturing unit which allows us to provide livelihood opportunities to women. Farmers growing banana trees gain additional income as we purchase their otherwise discarded agri-byproduct to make our pads.

UN Goals that Saathi pads follows to be environment friendly
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Awareness about Saathi pads to rural women

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We eliminate plastic waste and CO2 emissions by manufacturing products that are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and chemical-free.

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The Problem of Menstrual Plastics. Plastic sanitary pads and single use plastic ban in india

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