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Imagine, you’re out exploring New York City, taking in the sights and sounds of the city, and you just finished your bottle of water.  You look to throw it away in a recycling bin, but you can’t find one anywhere, so you throw it in the trash can.  You think, “a worker will take it out when they sort the trash and they’ll recycle it, right”?  Wrong.  There is only a small chance that your water bottle will be recycled, but it's more likely that your water bottle will take a trip overseas to get sorted and recycled.  Unfortunately, this is the fate of most solid waste in the United States and many other developed countries in Europe and Asia.

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Dear Saathi Friends,

Today as we add one more year to Saathi, we took a deep breath and a moment to reflect on our journey. The journey where we walked together to make a difference on the path of sustainability. The choices you made in these years not only positively impacted you but as well as the community, environment and our future.

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In India and many other places, "menstruation" is still a taboo topic. People generally do not talk about it openly. They prefer using "Maheena" or "Wo din" in Hindi, "Masik Pali" in Marathi, "Masik Dharm" in Punjabi, which means a monthly cycle, instead of saying menstruation.

Here are a few popular myths and misconceptions about menstruation.

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In the thick of the COVID crisis, we are constantly bombarded with confusing, and at times, scary news about what to do, what not to do, what to eat, how to go outside of the house, what precautions to take - the list is endless!

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To continue with the #plasticfreejuly theme, we wanted to bring you part 2 where we explore some of the items we use daily that we don’t usually think about when we think of plastic waste. Plastic is used to store food, make toys, and package just about everything. But, plastic has also found its way into quite a few items you may not have expected. Plastic is an extremely useful and cheap material because of its durability and origins from petroleum, see more info about this in our last blog. However, now we are facing plastic invasion, and knowledge is power so here are 10 things to look out for when fighting the good fight against single-use plastic waste!

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