Check out the final part of the #SaathiWellnessChallenge Part 3: Days 21-31 + Bonus!

Check out the final part of the #SaathiWellnessChallenge Part 3: Days 21-31 + Bonus!

Congratulations on completing the #SaathiWellnessChallenge! Let's rewind and celebrate the fantastic challenges you've conquered in the last ten days from Day 21 to Day 30. And scroll to the end for a fun little bonus + FREE download!

day 21 self discovery sunday

Day 21: Self-discovery Sunday🖼️

Take a solo journey into the wonderful world of new experiences.

Some examples of solo adventures you can embark on:

  • Visit a Museum or Art Gallery, savoring the art and history at your own pace.
  • Attend a workshop/class, learning something new like painting, cooking or fitness.
  • Get lost in a bookstore, maybe find a new favorite to curl up with.

Day 22: Tea Time🍵

Treat yourself to a cozy moment with a new herbal tea! It's all about relaxation and trying something soothing.

Here are a few herbal tea ideas that you can try for relaxation:

  • Chamomile Tea: Calming and aids sleep
  • Peppermint Tea: Refreshing, eases digestion
  • Ginger Tea: Soothes digestion, calming

day 23 heartfelt hangouts

Day 23: Heartfelt Hangouts👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Take a heartwarming pause to reconnect with a friend or family member. Share your thoughts, experiences, or simply enjoy a good chat.

It's all about spreading positivity and creating meaningful connections that add warmth to your journey! 

Day 24: Melody Magic🎵

Curate a relaxing playlist that's like a warm hug for your soul. Let the soothing tunes whisk away your stress and turn your space into a harmonious haven.

And hey, why not check out Saathi's playlist(link in the caption) for a dose of uplifting vibes too! 

Day 25: Smoothie Saga🥭🍍🍓

A treat for your taste buds with a burst of energy for your day!

Create a nourishing smoothie bowl like it’s your edible masterpiece. Start with a blend of your favorite fruits, toss in some greens for that extra goodness, add a splash of liquid, and don't forget the toppings!

Get creative, mix and match, and enjoy your wholesome delight! 

Day 26: Just Jolly Jaunts 👩‍🎤

Give yourself the green light to take a break and dive into something that brings you pure joy – no judgment zone! Whether it's belting out your favorite tunes, doing a little victory dance, or indulging in a guilty pleasure, go ahead and enjoy.  

day 27 discovery day 2.0

Day 27: Discovery Day 2.0🌏

Dive into the wonders of the world from the comfort of your screen!

Explore a new place or culture virtually—maybe through online videos, immersive documentaries, or interactive websites. The benefits of discovering new things virtually include broadening your perspectives, fostering meaningful connections, and embracing the richness of our global tapestry.

Happy exploring! 

Day 28: Generosity Gesture🎁

Time for a heartwarming act of kindness! 

Consider donating items to someone in need. We surely have things we don’t want/use anymore, right?

Whether it's clothes, essentials, or a care package, your generosity can help people, and things don't go to waste but find purpose in the hands of those who could truly benefit from them.

Spread love and warmth, and let the spirit of giving create a ripple of positivity.  

Day 29: Furry Friend Feat🐕🐈🦜

Embrace the joy of caring for our furry friends! Extend a helping paw to stray animals, support local animal shelters, or bring a little wildlife to your space.

Consider placing a bird feeder or bath in your garden or balcony to offer a touch of kindness to our feathered friends. Your simple act of compassion can create a haven of love for the creatures that share our world. 

Day 30: Joyful Journey Jubilee💕

Hooray! It's time to reflect on our incredible 30-day wellness adventure.

Take a moment to celebrate all the little victories and achievements along the way. Whether it's embracing new habits, fostering connections, or prioritizing self-care, each step has contributed to your well-being journey.

Congratulations on completing our 30-day wellness challenge!

While the #SaathiWellnessChallenge may be over, let's remember that true well-being is a lifelong journey. Keep nurturing those positive habits, stay mindful of your health, and cherish the moments that bring you joy.



Surprise Bonus Challenge!

Doesn't January have 31 days? We've got a fun Bonus Day 31 just for you!

Day 31: Bonus Bonanza 👩‍🎨

day 31 bonus bonanza

Release your inner child and join us in a day of coloring. Grab those crayons, let your imagination run wild, and add a splash of color to your day. Let the colors spark creativity, laughter, and a whole lot of happiness. It's a playful way to wrap up your wellness adventure together!

SaathiWellnessChallenge Bonus Coloring Page



Congratulations on completing #SaathiWellnessChallenge

As we wrap up our 30-day wellness journey, let's carry the momentum forward and make self-care a timeless commitment. Your well-being deserves the ongoing celebration it truly is. 

How was your journey?, #SaathiWellnessChallenge Champions? Share your experiences in the comments!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our 30-day challenge! Join the conversation and share your thoughts:

  • What positive changes did you experience during the 30-day challenge?
  • Which wellness activity stood out as your favorite and why?
  • Which self-care activity became your instant mood lifter?  
  • Which was your favorite challenge?
  • Do you have more we should do next time?

Cheers to a healthier, happier future!

Missed our challenge stories earlier? No worries! Catch up on all the action in our highlights on Instagram or check out Part 1 of the Challenge and Part 2 of the Challenge here.

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