What truly goes into the Saathi 2023 Diwali Boxes?

What truly goes into the Saathi 2023 Diwali Boxes?

Diwali - a festival of lights, love, and joy. The whole country is truly illuminated from the inside out during the festive season as celebrations and happiness echoes throughout. But there is something that makes all this better, something that makes the lights brighter, and something that multiplies the happiness many folds - and that is… Sharing! Kyunki Khushiyaan Baantne se Badhti Hain! And keeping that in mind, Saathi brings to you specially curated Saathi Diwali Gift Boxes for all your Diwali pooja, and havan needs. 

Now what is special about these boxes is that each and every product in all the boxes are specially handpicked and handcrafted by local artisans, small businesses, local farmers, and underprivileged folk. So with each purchase you aren’t just buying gifts and happiness for yourself, but also to many homes of these underserved communities. And with your small effort, you are bringing smiles and lights on this auspicious occasion - truly fulfilling the true meaning of Diwali. 

This blog will talk more about the organizations and people that have contributed into these boxes, so you can check them out, invest in more of their products, and share with people around you so the goodness and joy of giving - keeps multiplying. 

  1. Raj Uphaar: Raj Uphaar is an initiative by Shrimad Ramachandra Love and Care, and they aim to uplift the lives of women in villages by not just giving them employment opportunities but also providing them medical facilities and opportunities for education. They directly support over 150 underprivileged tribal women, and these talented women make about 100 different products ranging from desserts to utility products. The Incense Sticks, and Dhoop in your Diwali boxes are made by them just for you!
    They take a holistic approach towards women care with a Women Care 360° Programme which takes care of many facets of woman care ranging from Widow Care, to Safe Motherhood, and Education at different levels. Kindly check out Raj Uphaar at https://rajuphaar.srmd.org/ to learn more about their initiatives, and check out their amazing catalogue of products which are high in quality, and made with love and care.

  2. Under the Mango Tree: The Under the Mango Tree Society works in Tribal Societies of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. They promote beekeeping with indigenous bees to increase agricultural productivity and enhance biodiversity, incomes and livelihoods of marginal farmers in India. Since honeybees are pollinators to many major crops, with their organization they aren’t just generating employment but also working against climate change while improving biodiversity and the ecosystem. By 2019, they worked with around 175 villages in 14 districts and they’re only onward bound. They have more than a thousand beekeepers employed with them, all of whom are local, marginal farmers.
    But not just that, they also train the farmers who become Master trainers and pass the knowledge along. They are trained about beekeeping, fertilizers, pesticides, and bee flora. They are even taught about carpentry to build the apparatus to rear bees whilst also being educated about the local market supply chain. This ensures that there aren’t just employment opportunities but also good organization, and efficiency throughout the chain of farmers. Check their products out at https://www.utmt.in/ where they have different kinds of honeys from different parts of the country, along with honey samplers and subscriptions!

  3. eCoExist - eCoExist as the name suggests, believe in the loving coexistence of all the living beings on earth. They promote eco-sensitive products through socially sensitive means. All their products are eco-friendly, while providing an income to underprivileged groups. The company started with their safe powder colors, and now they have a wide range of products from idols, to accessories and cloth bags. 
    They employ women farmers, women prisoners, mentally/physically challenged adults, women rag pickers, and run women self-help groups where they’re taught skills and are given employment opportunities to be self-reliant and financially independent. Environmentally, they are great advocates of recycling and upcycling with the right waste management principles, as they strongly work toward healing the nature. 

These are just some of the organizations that are doing great work for the community, and the planet - that we have had the amazing privilege to work with. And with each of the Diwali boxes - YOU will directly and positively impact each of these farmers, workers, and artisans that have put all their love and care into each diya, pouch, and incense you hold. So here is to a truly prosperous, auspicious, and Happy Diwali - with Saathi!

Ye Diwali Saathi Waali - a share of care and happiness for all. Kyunki Khushiyaan Baantne se Badhti Hain!

Check out our Diwali Boxes herehttps://saathipads.com/collections/diwali-gift-collection 

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