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2022, Awards, Innovation, Raising Awareness, UN SDG's -

Our co-founder Tarun will be at the Expo 2020 Dubai this week representing Saathi at a few different events for Global Goals Week. We're honored to be included this week to celebrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of the Programme for People and Planet at Expo 2020. Check out this blog for more info!

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2021, Women's Health -

Have you ever felt like dying while on your periods? Did the pain ever make you feel like I can’t do this anymore? Have your cramps disrupted your day-to-day activities? If yes, then I must tell you that you are not alone.

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2021, Ocean Series, Raising Awareness -

Welcome to the last part of The Ocean Series started by Saathi to help explore menstrual waste, ocean pollution, ocean plastics, and how it impacts us.

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