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Like every year’s tradition, this year again we come to all of you with a list of influential and sustainable companies of 2019 and it is a bonus for all our readers, this year we are listing 20 companies. We bring to you 10 influential and sustainable organizations from India and 10 from the world.

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Winter brings a lot of positivity & freshness with it, which makes us feel alive. Cozy jumpers, cute sweaters, beanies, scarves or what not! It is that time of the year when you start eating a lot of dates, develop a love for hot chocolate and finally the wait is over for Gajar ka Halwa & Chikki.

Oh, the winters are so tempting! But what is not tempting about winters is dry skin & hair. All we want is glowing skin and shiny hair all year long. Don’t worry we got your back. Sharing a few DIYs & food for glowing skin all winter long.

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