Unleash Your Inner Gardener Part 2: Choosing Your Plant BFFs

Unleash Your Inner Gardener Part 2: Choosing Your Plant BFFs

Did you wonder what it would be like to have a plant companion that brings life and joy to your space? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could get your favorite spices, herbs, even fruits or flowers for free? Well, choosing the right plant is the first step! Welcome back, aspiring plant moms and dads! This is part 2 of our 7-part guide called “Unleash Your Inner Gardener: A Guide to Happy and Healthy plants!”. In part 1, we covered why choose gardening as a hobby. Today, we’ll be walking through all the things to consider in order to choose the perfect plant companions to bring life, joy and free flavor to your space, according to your time, location, climate and other considerations. 

Finding Your Perfect Plant BFF: Choosing a Plant for Your Lifestyle

Having a plant buddy is a wonderful way to add some green and flavor to your life! But some plants need constant attention, while others thrive on neglect. To make sure you have a happy plant, a happy plant mom or dad and possibly a new supply of free herbs and spices, it’s important to choose a plant that fits your lifestyle.

As a new plant mom or dad, there’s a few things you need to be prepared for. You might be wondering how to choose your first plant? How much time do you have? Where are you going to put it? Lots of questions may arise, but don’t worry! We’ve prepared a checklist of things to consider and read till the end to see suggestions of plants according to different climates and whether you can grow the plants indoors or outdoors.

Thriving Together: Matching Your Lifestyle to Your Plant

Ready to find your perfect plant buddy? Let’s go through this quick checklist first:

 Busy Bee or Chill Plant Parent?

  • Some plants need less time and grooming than the others. If you feel like you can not give as much time, you can always go for low-maintenance plants.
  • How much time can you dedicate each day or week to taking care of your plants?
  • Finding Your Plant's Perfect Spot: Size Matters
  • The space you need will depend on the particular plant requirements and its size. And once again there are indoor friendly plants that will take less space like the center table, corner of the room, etc. 
  • Do you have a lot of space or limited space?
  • Sun Worshipper or Shade Seeker?
  • Location is crucial for all natural needs like sunlight, space etc. Usually it is suggested to look for a spacious location like a balcony, window room or terrace. But, there are also a variety of indoor plants too that actually prefer shade. 
  • Does your space get lots of bright light, or is it more shady?
  • Indoor Oasis or Outdoor Escape?
  • This is related to your space and location both. If you are living in an apartment complex or in a closed house it is better to opt for indoor plants. If you live in your own house with enough balcony space or a veranda, you can easily opt for outdoor plants or even smaller size trees.
  • Local Legends
  • Local plants are a safe choice for beginners because they are adapted to the region or climate zone you live in. Even in local plants, you can find a variety of options. 

Climate Compatibility: Plants that Thrive in Your Zone


Let’s explore more about the different climate zones and see which plants will thrive in each region and climate. Bonus: We’ve also marked which plants are low-maintenance* and which are best suited for small spaces^. 

*  low-maintenance

^  suited for small space

So there it is! Your whole guide on how to choose a plant BFF. Now that you know what to consider, stay tuned for part 3 of our gardening guide, “Setting Up Your Green Haven” where we will discuss the materials and tools needed to get started. Stay tuned for more updates on our Instagram account, where we will post new tips each week.

Got any questions about choosing your plant BFF? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’ve already started your plant parenthood journey, tell us about your favorite plant and what region you’re in! 

About the Series: Unleash Your Inner Gardener: A 7-Week Guide to Happy Plants & Sustainable Living

This fun and informative series makes gardening easy for beginners ! learn everything you need to know from choosing plants to composting basics, In just 7 weeks. Each week covers a new topic to help you cultivate a thriving green space and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

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