Top Feminist Influencers empowering women

Top Feminist Influencers empowering women

This women’s day Saathi took an initiative towards collaboration and building a community to support women.

Saathi strongly believes that “When there is a woman, there is prosperity.” We believe that to empower women we have to appreciate every small step taken by other women.

We compiled a list of quotes by women who are changing the world and making it a better place to live.

Thank you, beautiful ladies, for sharing your thoughts with us and the world.


Elsa Marie D'Silva 
Founder & CEO - Red Dot Foundation

"Menstruation is part of every woman and girl's life. Yet there is a taboo around it making it difficult to discuss it or even provide basic amenities for women and girls during their periods. We should all work towards breaking the taboo and making it part of everyday normal conversations."



Falguni Vasavada 
Professor, Marketing - MICA

“Women must lift up other women and help them shatter the glass ceiling. It is also imperative that women know when to step down and pass the mic to other women, especially those from marginalised communities so as to amplify voices from the margins.”



Japleen Pasricha 
Founder - Feminism in India

 “Women must lift up other women and help them shatter the glass ceiling. It is also imperative that women know when to step down and pass the mic to other women, especially those from marginalised communities so as to amplify voices from the margins.”



Karuna Nundy 
Advocate - Supreme Court of India

“There is magic in boldness. Break the Rules of the patriarchs, follow your own ethics. Break the Rules even if you're in a space run by the patriarchs, young and old. Break their rules as much as you can, until you and your tribe gain the power to run things differently.”



Licipriya Kangujam 
Indian Environmental Activist

 “We are born to defend our planet.

  We will defend it and we will prove it.

 Children will win the race to save our planet.

 Because we are more conscious than adults.”



Nabanita Dhar 
Indian Writer
"Feminism can only win when women look out for each other when the women who break the figurative glass ceiling don't stop at that but help more women cross over. It's a collective movement and not an individual fight. All women need to remember that."



Radhika Vaz 
Indian Comedian and Writer

“People love to tell us that women are our worst enemies. That is just ridiculous. It’s a phrase designed to keep women separate and seeking the comfort and security of men. And I think we can all see where that has got us. So count on the women in your life and be there for them. Pull each other up and ignore the catty, bitchy, gossipy little guys who try and convince you otherwise.”



Richa Singh 
Co-founder - BlogChatter

“I believe that gender plays an important role in confidence-building with age. If you notice young girls are very confident, in fact often more confident than the boys around them. But this curve goes downward with age for them. As men, made more confident by society & its paradigms, become stronger - women at every juncture through naysayers and body clock and restrictions, lose their zeal and confidence with age. This downward curve needs to change, society when talking about equal opportunity has to reverse the mental degradation of women through gaslit patriarchal norms.”



Ridhima Pandey 
Indian Environmental Activist

“Being a girl is a blessing. I have often heard people saying that girls have a soft nature. But I believe that the soft nature of girls is not the weakness, it is our POWER. As it is really easy to break things which are as hard as a brick but soft things do not shatter easily. There are so many examples of it that how a woman going through hardships have achieved their goals like Rani Laxmi Bai. So all the girls should be proud of what you are and show the world the 'Girl Power'.”



Sairee Chahal 
Founder & CEO - SHEROES

"As women, we share some universal struggles and aspirations. Being part of high-empathy communities can help really take things on and grow together. Join platforms like SHEROES, actively support other women, whether it's through listening, mentorship, appreciation, recognition, collaborations or conversations. The power of sisterhood is priceless"



Sanjukta Basu 
Writer, photographer & Feminist Scholar

“True Empowerment comes from within. No amount of resources or comfort provided by family or State no amount of safety or privilege can make us feel empowered unless we feel it inside and for that women have to give up two things, fear and shame. And acquire anger. Anger doesn't mean violence, does not mean you start hitting others anger means the right to be upset about things you don't like, right to express your dislikes, right to say no, right to not have the burden of pleasing people at the cost of own happiness or convenience. Don't be afraid or ashamed of being what you want to be. Be angry at those who want you to be ashamed and afraid.”


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