Saathi's Plastic-Free July Olympics: Feel the Difference, Be the Difference

Saathi's Plastic-Free July Olympics: Feel the Difference, Be the Difference

Plastic, Plastic, Plastic - a true peril of the current times. Since its advent in the 1950s, plastic has taken over the world - every industry from healthcare, to food, to automobiles has a plastic element. And it is high time that we, together, take steps to reverse it and make the planet happy and green again. And with this in mind we bring you ‘Feel the Difference, Be the Difference’ in celebration of Plastic-Free July!

All of us need to do our bit to reduce the burden of plastic waste on our beautiful planet. And Saathi is here to help out. Throughout the month of July there will be exciting contests and competitions to proclaim the true spirit of Plastic-Free July! Menstruation is a process that happens to millions everyday, and plastic pads themselves contribute a lot to the plastic waste - with about 100,000 tons of plastic waste made annually just by pads alone. And thus, Saathi’s biodegradable and eco-friendly pads can help you menstruate sustainably while still experiencing the familiarity of a pad, minus the plastic waste and rashes! If you prefer, you can also try out  Saathi’s flexible medical grade menstrual cups which come in 3 sizes! Saathi wants to help you with your sustainability journey and thus we have designed and developed 3 special plastic-free kits combos just for you!

When you use our pads or cups - not only will you have a better menstruation experience because there are no chemicals in our products, but also, you prevent plastic waste and menstruate sustainably - thus changing your menstruation experience completely and holistically. Thus, when you feel the difference, YOU will be the difference. And that is what this is all about!

So, come let us join hands together to make this planet greener, happier, and healthier. Let us feel the difference, and be the difference with Saathi.

Celebrate with Us!

At Saathi, we’re celebrating a month of sustainable fun & prizes!

Throughout July, we’re excited to offer:

  • Special Plastic-Free July kits: These kits are specially designed for a complete sustainable menstrual experience! There will be 3 kits with 2 variations each and will be available for purchase near the end of the month. 
  • Engaging contests with prizes: There are 3 themed contests on Instagram with up to 3 winners per contest. You can win the matching themed plastic-free kit to get you started on your plastic-free journey!
  • A new Terra Talks mini series: This special miniseries of Terra Talks will run throughout Plastic-Free July discussing everything about plastic: what are its ill-effects, and all that you can do to undo the damage of the plastic pandemic.

We’re bringing you 3 contests and 3 brand-new plastic-free kits! Every 10 days, we'll unveil a fresh contest theme and a new kit to match! Every Thursday, a new episode of Terra Talks plastic mini-series will drop on Instagram and Youtube! Top 3 highest voted entries wins.

Here's a sneak peek at what awaits:

Week 1 (July 6th - 15th):

Contest: Plastic-Free Swap: Show us how you're ditching single-use plastics! Share a photo or video of your best plastic free-swaps and Saathi products.

Prize: Exclusive Menstrual Cup Starter Kit - perfect for a smooth transition!

Week 2 (July 16th - 25th):

Contest: Lights, Camera, Sustainability!: Capture the beauty of nature around you - a home garden, a tiny pond, or even a Saathi product against a natural backdrop.

Prize: Exclusive Wanderlust Green Kit - your travel essentials, plastic-free and ready to go!

Week 3 (July 26th - August 4th):

Contest: Sustainable Wellness Masterpiece: Get your inner Picasso out and be a Saathi wellness warrior! Design a sticker, slogan, or visual that captures our eco-friendly vision and inspires a plastic-free lifestyle.

Prize: Exclusive Nirvana Self Care Kit - indulge in self-love and wellness while caring for the planet!

How to enter: 

  1. Follow us on Instagram (@Saathipads)
  2. Post your photo/video on your story and tag @saathipads and use #SaathiPlasticFreeOlympics . (If your account isn’t public, you have to DM us your entry.)
  3. We’ll reshare your entry with a poll. You just have to get all your friends to vote!
  4. Top 3 most voted entries win and get featured in our blog!

*T&C Applies

*This contest is only valid for Indian Residents

Stay tuned for more details on each contest throughout July! 

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Together, let's make this Plastic-Free July unforgettable!


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