Funny Period Names

Funny Period Names

Every month, when Aunt Flo visits you and you get all these cramps, mood swings, rushing hastily to the washroom and experiencing a Niagra Fall whenever you cough or sneeze. Ahh! It gets difficult sometimes. We girls start menstruating in our early teens. On average it starts when we are 12 years old and goes till you turn 45 (although it differs for every woman). We get used to this monthly routine and the most shocking and surprising thing is that nobody refers to it with its actual name, menstruation, unless they work in medicine or the health sector. 


There are a lot of euphemisms that are used to describe Periods. Today, period names are clever, subtle and funnier than ever.

Heard girls saying “I’ve got my chums”? It is an Indian favourite and commonly used by a lot of aunties. You might have heard this one from your mother or elder sister.                                                                                            


Aunt Flo:
The tight-lipped English word got really famous in the last few years. Aunt Flo pretends like your much-loved aunt is coming to visit.                                                                                                                                                                  

Time of the Month:
Mostly used word in public and social gatherings and understood by mostly everyone.

Code Red:
This captures the urgency during the periods. You know, the feeling when you know it has arrived and you check your handbag to realize you haven’t carried an extra pad so you make a beeline to the bathroom or towards your period sister.

Shark Week:
The heavy flow days, feel scary and girls like to compare it to the blood and gore of being devoured by a shark.                                                                                                     

Red Rum:
Once you've seen it, you can never forget the image of the doors opening and hundreds of gallons of blood spilling out.                                                                               


Share these funny names with your girlfriends and also tell us in the comment section below that what do you call your periods?



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