Samples of banana fibre organic pads are shown with the pack of pads

Pads that are good for your Body, Community and Environment.

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Special Product Features

  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


Step 1: Pick your comfort

Choose upto 3 different sizes to create a pack of 12 pads

  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
    Regular Flow (245mm)
    Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
    Medium Flow (290mm)
    Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
  • Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
    Heavy Flow (350mm)
    Saathi: Eco-friendly, period
your pack

Step 2: Choose your quantity

Pick the number of Customised Saathi boxes you want to buy.

Rs. 324.00Rs. 360.00
Rs. 648.00Rs. 720.00
Rs. 972.00Rs. 1,080.00

Step 3: Select for how many months

Pick the Months of your customised Saathi boxes you would like delivered

Rs. 324.00 Rs. 360.00
10 %
Shipped upfront 1 PACK OF 12 - Rs. 58.50/-
Total Saving = Rs. 36.00 On Product = Rs. 36.00 On shipping = Rs. 0.00
Rs. 972.00 Rs. 1,080.00
10 %
Shipped upfront Free Shipping
Total Saving = Rs. 225.00 On Product = Rs. 108.00 On shipping = Rs. 117.00
Rs. 1,836.00 Rs. 2,160.00
15 %
Shipped in 2 instalments Free Shipping
Total Saving = Rs. 558.00 On Product = Rs. 324.00 On shipping = Rs. 234.00
Rs. 3,456.00 Rs. 4,320.00
20 %
Shipped in 4 instalments Free Shipping
Total Saving = Rs. 1,332.00 On Product = Rs. 864.00 On shipping = Rs. 468.00
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Biodegradable Panty Liner - (Pack of 24)

Pantyliner in bamboo only

Where we add gentle touch of nature, others add chemicals!

We care about that smile on your face that's why our products are made with keeping your health and comfort in mind.

Introducing Bamboo fiber Panty Liners for your little need.

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*Please read below for the terms of orders*

  • Directions for Use:
    • When using Saathi Bamboo Pads, follow these steps:

      • Remove pad from disposable cover.
      • Remove the release paper from the back of the pad.
      • Stick pad firmly onto underwear.
      • Wrap the wings around both sides of underwear and press firmly.
      Now, you can successfully use our product!

  • Disposal Instructions
    • You may dispose of Saathi pads in a waste bin. After disposal, Saathi pads degrade within 6 months, under normal conditions.

  • Order Limit
    • Please note that there is a limit of 10 boxes per order. For bulk orders, please contact For customer care please contact

  • Note
    • If you don't receive your shipment within 15 days then please inform us immediately so that we can resolve the issue and give you better service. Complaints after 15 days won't be entertained.