What It's Like to Be an Intern at Saathi?

What It's Like to Be an Intern at Saathi?

Nimerta Sandhu, a second year medical student, completed a health content focused internship with Saathi.

Nimerta graduated with degrees in Business Administration from the Walter A. Haas School of Business and Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley and worked as a consultant prior to medical school.

Nimerta developed strategy and management solutions for healthcare organizations in the United States and globally. She worked with startups, large scale hospital systems and payors within the United States. Globally, she supported startups and implemented a health curriculum in partnership with local communities and NGOs. She is passionate about integrating new technologies and innovations to advance the field of medicine and healthcare.

Nimerta is an active volunteer at her medical school and oversees operations for 6 student run free clinics in the greater Philadelphia area. She is actively engaged in multiple research projects, focused on quantifying health outcomes and their correlation with economic factors at the population level. Nimerta strives to leverage her experiences in innovative technologies and healthcare to advance patient care and improve health outcomes.

1) How did you came to know about Saathi?

I learned about Saathi while keeping up with unique and innovative products for women's healthcare. The focus on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions while empowering women made me want to get involved.

2) What was your role and what was it like working with the team?

I completed a health content focused internship with Saathi and developed innovative, customer centered health content. I also assessed the needs of current health marketing and business strategy operations. The entire team at Saathi, both in the United States and India was supportive and engaged in constructive collaboration sessions to help advance our goals each week.

3) What have you learned in your time working with us?

I enjoyed supporting a company focused on developing innovative and sustainable solutions across the globe. I gained insight into innovative approaches to healthcare needs in diverse areas and look forward to using this experience to continue involvement and support organizations with innovative approaches to advance health and medical care.

4) How would this experience help you in your future endeavors?

Throughout medical school and beyond, I strive to incorporate and support integration of new technologies to advance patient care. I look forward to bringing insights from Saathi to integrate innovation in building strategic solutions to healthcare needs.

5) What do you like most about Saathi?

Saathi's well defined mission will help enhance sustainable solutions and advance the company. I look forward to keeping track as Saathi progresses on its mission!

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