Saathi won St Andrew's Prize for the Environment 2019

Saathi won St Andrew's Prize for the Environment 2019

The St. Andrew's Prize for the Environment is an environmental initiative by The University of St Andrew's in Scotland, UK and ConocoPhillips, an independent exploration and production company. The award recognizes significant contributions to environmental issues and concerns, with a focus on sustainability, conservation, biodiversity, and community development.

Our Co-Founder and CEO Kristin Kagetsu pitched Saathi’s first product from patented technology 100% biodegradable & compostable sanitary pads from banana fibre, sharing Saathi's vision of sustainability and women's health at St. Andrew's in Scotland on 21st -22nd February 2019.

In a ceremony at the University of St Andrews, Saathi was presented with the winning prize of $100,000 USD. She says, “It's an honour to be selected first as a finalist and ultimately as a winner for this prestigious prize. It's one of the few prizes that focuses on the environment and has a long history of amazing projects from around the world. Winning this prize will help us get more international recognition, raise awareness about improving feminine hygiene in India and reduce harmful waste created by sanitary pads. The prize money will also give us a significant boost in being able to scale up and purchase new machinery to be able to increase our capacity and reach 30 times more women.”

Celebrating its 21st award in 2019, the Prize is an environmental initiative by the University of St Andrews in Scotland and independent exploration and production company, ConocoPhillips. 

"We are honoured and delighted to have been a part of the St Andrews Prize. The entrepreneur journey can be lonely and it means a lot to be supported by St Andrews which gives prestigious recognition for social and environmental entrepreneurs like Saathi. It has boosted our confidence to fight for social change. It is a privilege to be recognized amongst the top solutions around the world. Saathi is a pioneer in making sustainable feminine hygiene products and the St Andrews Prize is a pioneer in recognising environmental solutions. It is the oldest environmental prize in the world so it adds a feather to our cap and adds value to our operations as we grow globally."

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