A nostalgic trip to 2018 before diving into a New Year!

A nostalgic trip to 2018 before diving into a New Year!

2018 was a watershed year. It's the year full of roller coaster rides, major cities in India put #PlasticBan in full effect and the media and consumers everywhere are talking about #ClimateChange and #SustainableProducts. 

The New Year is here and we just want to say thank you for another incredible year so far. We are so inspired by you, our supporters and customers who believe in the mission of "Sustainability” and keep us going every day. Thank you for linking Saathi to new opportunities. We wish to celebrate many more successful milestones with all of you in the coming new year.
We're excited to share some updates about what we've been up to at Saathi this year. Saathi, is rounding out the year with lots of exciting news:
Let's take a trip to “How far we’ve come and how far we have to go!
Here we are today, within 12 months we made a bucket full of progress.

  • Short Film based on Saathi Story "Miyan Biwi aur Banana” was successfully screened ar at major film festival around the world in Boston(USA), New Delhi, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Mumbai , Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Here are few reactions from the Mumbai, India screening at the Zee Theater. Click.    
  • We launched the new size - Overnight pad on Saathi's birthday (5th Sept). We have also launched a new variation called Pack of 12 XL wings and a Subscription box for bulk demands with the combination pads sizes, Check our product here (saathipads.com)
  • We have had numerous international inquiries from all over the world, and soon we will be available in International market. Also we have recently placed our product in an Eco store at Goa and soon placing Saathi pads at other stores in major metro cities in India.
  • To be a part of our exciting journey we have expanded our team in Saathi out of which 80% of employees are women.
  • We've delivered over a hundred thousand pads through our #OneMillionPads program to women and girls in rural Jharkhand! We have completed our end line studies too and got amazing results.
  • We have conducted workshops on “Sustainable Menstruation in 4 major metros of India of India and planning to cover more in the coming year.
  • Team Saathi re-visited the site of OneMillonpads initiative and conducted a workshop for the menstrual awareness among the rural women in Jharkhand. The trip was really exciting and we went to 4-5 villages with sevika to witness the pads distribution.

    • We have been invited by prestigious institutes for speaking opportunities. Here is the list of few
             -Circular economy Summit - Delhi
             -Hello Tomorrow Japan Summit- Japan
             -SOCAP- US
             -MIT SOLVE: USA
             -IIT Bombay- Mumbai
             -Entrepreneur India - Ahmedabad
             -Social business day- Bangalore
    Awards and achievement list got bigger and BIGGER!

    We have marked a footprint as a winner at:

    We had a couple of great articles come out recently about our work as well!
    So here’s us wishing you a successful new year and thanking you for helping us make the world a better place. We could not have done any of it without you.
    We have got big plans for 2019. We are looking forward to making our customers experience much better every year and build a strong relationship with them. We would love to know if you are interested in promoting our work. So follow us on social media ( Facebook, Instagram) & stay tuned.
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