Biodegradable Sanitary Pads - Overnight (Pack of 8)

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Saathi biodegradable pads are your ultimate companion. They are thoughtfully designed to use natural, locally-sourced materials, including banana fibre. Saathi pads are gentle on the skin and Mother Earth, disappearing quickly upon disposal. By purchasing Saathi pads, you also give the gift of biodegradable pads to women in rural communities.

*Please read below for the terms of orders*

 Special Product Features

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Bleach and perfume free to avoid irritation and rashes
  • Thin pads to ensure comfort
  • Banana fibre absorbent core
  • Longer than the XL pad (310mm)
  • No-slip adhesive keeps the pad in place providing security
  • Wider back for overnight protection
  • Allows you to have a carefree sleep
  • Individually wrapped in plant-based cover


Disposal Instructions

You may dispose of Saathi pads in a waste bin. After disposal, Saathi pads degrade within 6 months, under normal conditions.

Order Limit

Please note that there is a limit of 10 boxes per order. For bulk orders, please contact For customer care please contact


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