The world has had the privilege of witnessing and appreciating the presence of a number of eminent female crusaders in the past, women, who have worked their way to the top, who have broken societal barriers, and who have become the quintessentials of courage and struggle!

So, to celebrate these women, we’ve curated this list for you of 9 of the thousands of female activists who have contributed greatly to equality, education, women empowerment, environment and poverty alleviation among many other such causes!

Malala Yousafzai - Malala Yousafzai, who is famously known as Malala, is a Pakistani activist for female education. She is also known for human rights advocacy and gender equality. She is the youngest person to have received the Nobel Prize. 

Greta Thunberg - This Swedish activist is an environmentalist who is known across the world for challenging world leaders to take strict and prompt action against climate change! She has received a lot of accolades for her work towards climate change and environmental conservation, including being honoured as the youngest Time Person of the Year!

Marissa Mayer - This American businesswoman and investor is an information technology executive and the co-founder of Sunshine Contact! She has formerly served as the President and CEO of Yahoo! too.  

Nadya Okamoto - Nadya Okamoto is an American activist and entrepreneur. She is the founder and former executive director of Period Inc., which distributes menstrual hygiene products and advocates for the end of tampon tax. Though she has left Period Inc., she continues to work for the greater cause; period equity.  

Millie Bobby Brown - Millie Bobby Brown, apart from being a great actress and producer, is also known for her achievements in the social arena. Millie was announced as UNICEF’s youngest ever Goodwill Ambassador in 2018 at the age of 14. She has also been associated with high profile campaigns of Calvin Klein, Moncler, and Pandora. 

Michelle Obama - Michelle Obama, apart from being an awesome former First Lady, has also campaigned and advocated for poverty reduction and awareness, education, nutrition, and gender equity. She is the co-founder of the Obama Foundation along with her husband and former President, Barack Obama. 

Emma Watson - This talented actress has been involved actively in promoting girl education and women empowerment. She was also appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014. 

Oprah Winfrey - Oprah Winfrey is a dedicated activist for children’s rights, and owns the Oprah Winfrey Foundation. Her foundation supports the inspiration, empowerment and education of women, children and families around the world. 

Tarana Burke - The name behind the renowned and world famous Me Too movement, Tarana Burke, is an American activist from The Bronx, New York. In 2006, she began using #MeToo to help other women stand up to their abusers and fight for their basic rights! 

It is because of these brilliant women and their profound efforts that has aided us to live in a more equitable society! 

Comment down below which one of them is your favorite! 

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