Vocal for Local will “Make India” great.

Vocal for Local will “Make India” great.

Today, a microscopic virus has brought the world to its knees. Problems which used to look insurmountable in “ordinary times” are now paling in comparison. The world has also over the years undergone an imbalance in many ways - environmental degradation, inequitable distribution of wealth (China & the US control nearly 50% of the world’s wealth) and serious humanitarian crisis in vulnerable geographies. The COVID-19 crisis just amplified the extent of the impact it has over all of us.

Today, India happens to be a hub of business. But it is the kind of business which makes the difference. We need to step up from being assemblers, bottlers and packers and strengthen our core manufacturing, which has been seeing a slowdown in the last 6 years. Projections moving forward are bleak and now is the time to wake up and taste the coffee - the world will find ways to prosper, but so should we. Being self-sufficient in at least something as basic as drugs, hygiene, food, electricals, automobile, construction materials, etc is a step in that direction.

Where does Saathi fit into all of this? What possible impact could a single startup company making humble sanitary pads have on India’s robust progress? 

The answer is - a huge impact. Saathi is an all-Indian company with all operations based in India. Conceptualizing new products, sourcing the raw material from farmers in Gujarat, for manufacturing, packaging and supplying - all of this is managed by the team here in India. 75% of this consists of underprivileged women who make their livelihood from making Saathi's sanitary napkins. 

When you buy a Saathi pad, you aren’t paying towards a multinational company making money, you are helping an Indian farmer pay for next year’s fertilizer, or enabling a village girl to attend school because she can now have access to pads during her period. Not only this, but you are also playing a role in saving our Mother Earth by reducing plastic pollution and CO2 emission. Saathi pads along with its packaging are made of biodegradable materials and decompose within 6 months. Every such story is a victory, every little step counts, every effort makes a difference. 

We could let #VocalaboutLocal be just a trending hashtag, or truly help make a difference. Work together with us at Saathi to ensure that #MakeInIndia is an enduring reality, not just a fad. Say no to imported, plastic goods which do nothing for the local population and instead lead to mind-boggling amounts of pollution. Opt for products that are truly Indian, good for your body, the community, and our environment.

Please comment below to share all the ways you have been supporting local businesses and supporting the #MakeInIndia movement.

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