Support Saathi with a Birthday Gift to our Co-Founder Tarun!

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To celebrate the birthday of our co-founder Tarun Bothra this year, we hope to support 21 menstruators for the year 2021!

It's less than $20 to support one menstruator for a year and we think we can meet this goal and support 21 menstruators with your help! 

Click the button below to contribute.

Let's make this Tarun's best birthday yet! 🥳

To help us reach our goal of supporting 5000 menstruators with biodegradable sanitary pads in India for an entire year, please consider contributing to our campaign! Our Give India campaign is for all contributors in India with 80G tax deductible benefits, while the GoFundMe campaign is for contributors from all countries outside of India and has 501c3 tax deductible benefits.





5 years ago, when we started Saathi we also launched our ambitious #OneMillionPads initiative to be able to provide access to menstrual products in a sustainable way. We want to give one big push this year because it was tough to keep the program going throughout the pandemic. We want to reach 5000 menstruators for a year and are partnering this year with Project Kilimanjaro, an NGO, to reach underserved populations in India.

The Issues

We have a new 8 part series of blogs coming out over the next couple weeks and are excited to share more about the depth of the issues around menstruation, health, and sustainability including UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), lack of access to menstrual products, waste, period equity, sustainability, women’s health, what we have learned, and our plans for the future. The first part of the series addresses How Sanitary Pads Impact Global Sustainability, what the UN🇺🇳 SDGs are and the impact our #OneMillionPads initiative has had so far. The second part of the series addresses How Saathi Addresses Period Poverty in India. The third part of the series addresses Why a Sustainable Solution is Essential to Creating Period Equity. Check back here for the latest blogs.  


How does the #OneMillionPads Initiative create impact?

Over the years, for this initiative, we have partnered with various NGOs and CSR partners such as Ekal Vidyalaya, Avani, Clarks Exotica, Ritva Foundation and others to ensure that womxn and girls in underserved communities in India are able to access sanitary pads and the knowledge around these taboo topics. This year we're partnering with Project Kilimanjaro. We provide our biodegradable and sustainable products and have also hosted workshops to provide basic menstrual hygiene education. We work closely with the NGO to ensure that the pads reach the beneficiaries and get feedback throughout the process. Check out some of the facts from our baseline report that we did when we started the #OneMillionPads initiative. Our pad production also supports farmers and employs local women. 


How you can participate:

  • It takes only $20 to provide sustainable menstrual products to 1 menstruator for the entire year. Help us reach 5000 menstruators.️ Please make your contribution here .
    • The campaign is hosted on GoFundMe via our NGO partner, so that your contribution will be 501c3 tax deductible!
  • Forward this message on or post the link on your social media using this shareable content to help generate more contributions. 


We hope to have your support this year!

About Saathi

Saathi is an award winning social venture which has a patented technology to convert agri-waste into absorbent materials. Our sanitary pads are 100% biodegradable and compostable made from banana and bamboo fibers, which convert into compost in 6 months of its disposal. Saathi pads are good for the body, community and environment. We are on a mission to revolutionize the hygiene industry as a consumer products company that makes products in a sustainable and responsible way.


We are recognized by the United Nations, TIME Magazine as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019, Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards and Expo 2020 Dubai among others for our innovative, social impact and sustainable work. We are working towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3,5,6,8,9,12,13,14.


Check out a short video of our story here and Follow us at @saathipads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube to learn about more facts and myth busters about sustainability, women’s health, and more.

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