Saathi's birthday!

Saathi's birthday!

Dear Saathi Friends,

Today as we add one more year to Saathi, we took a deep breath and a moment to reflect on our journey. The journey where we walked together to make a difference on the path of sustainability. The choices you made in these years not only positively impacted you but as well as the community, environment and our future 

This year Saathi wants to celebrate this anniversary by celebrating each and every one of you, because all of the successes we have had have been because of you! We understand how big a step you have taken by making the switch from a conventional pad which you might have been using for years and how difficult it would have been for you to try a new product and let Saathi be your period buddy. We open our arms wide and are sending tight virtual hugs your way for believing in us and trusting us with your menstrual health.

Saathi’s birthday this year is all about YOU. The choices that you make. The choice which led you to try Saathi & be with us. We want to celebrate this day with you. Saathi gives one and all the choice to do good for one's body, community & the environment by saying no to chlorine, bleach, plastic, chemicals and toxins and saying yes to all-natural, plastic-free pads made by local Indian women. 

It is your choice and it matters!

  • The choice of quitting plastic by adopting a healthier lifestyle and a chance to touch lives positively;
  • The choice to be a part of the #VOCALFORLOCAL campaign by supporting our own Indian business and Indian workers by being part of the wealth chain that generates a better life and prosperity for our country;
  • The choice for our consumers to support a local business which is engaged in a model which ensures rural benefit with each urban sale;
  • The choice to encourage Indian startups and Indian farmers to grow local crops like banana and bamboo for indigenous industries and enterprises;
  • The choice to save the environment by using biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads and to give back to nature without upsetting the balance of the environment by saying no to deadly plastic pads.


Saathi is committed to give you that choice and ensure that your choice is creating an impact on so many levels. We thank you and hope that we will continue to be your choice for years to come. Here's wishing you to a Happy Birthday, because you too are valuable on this road to success. We are taking small steps to make not only our present but also our collective future better and safer. 

We respect you for this choice you have made in your life. To choose well. To choose life over slow, irreversible destruction of the earth. To choose local over imported. 

To choose Saathi over other plastic or chemical-filled products. This makes all of us one step closer to achieving our vision. It tells us that we are unstoppable and we will build an amazing future.

Let us teach each other the harmony of life, the language of peace, sustainable development, and coexistence with nature, which shall become the #NEWNORMAL. This is our journey together. Let us spread joy, the gift of wellness and move forward mindfully, by making a few well-meaning & much-needed choices in our lives. You choosing Saathi is one such pivotal decision. You are Saathi, and Saathi is because of YOU. 


From various parts of the world, these distinguished professionals have opened their hearts to us and continue to support us in our endeavours. Check out their video here

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Team Saathi.
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