Saathi’s Birthday Week Contest Guidelines

Saathi’s Birthday Week Contest Guidelines

Saathi’s birthday is on the 5th of September and we will be celebrating throughout the whole week- seven days for turning seven! However, we thought it would be best to kick off our birthday celebration with a surprise for you.

Along with a site-wide birthday discount and a daily quiz with daily winners for our birthday week celebration, we will be having a little competition on our Instagram page ( with an awesome prize! 

The competition is simple, you answer a question, tag a few friends, follow the rules to win some points, and then the best three answers will get a prize at the end of this competition. 

The question:

The question that needs to be answered is:

Which Saathi product is your favorite and why? If you haven’t tried our products yet, then which product would you like to try and why?

Go to our instagram page,, and write your answer in the comment section of the pre-birthday birthday celebration post! Make sure to read the rules and guidelines below to ensure you’ve made a valid entry.  

Competition Rules and Guidelines: 

Here are the rules for Saathi’s pre-birthday birthday celebration: 

  1. Make sure you follow Saathi on Instagram. Entries only from valid accounts will be accepted. 
  2. Comment your answer and tag at least 2 other valid accounts and a maximum of 10 accounts. 
    1. One point will be awarded for each tag, and 2 points will be awarded for every tagged account that follows Saathi back. 
  3.  Ensure that you’ve liked and shared the post. If your account is private then DM us a screenshot of the story any time after 15 hours of the story being up. 
    1. Make sure you mention us in your stories, @Saathipads and use the Hashtag #Saathisbirthday
  4. 1 point will be awarded for each successfully completed task unless stated otherwise.
  5. On Sep 19th at 11:59 PM IST all entries will be closed. The winners will be tagged in a post announcing the top three entries. 
  6. This competition is open for Indian residents only. Non Indian residents are encouraged to participate but would not be eligible for prizes as we cannot ship internationally.

The points system:



Your answer

5 points

Liking the post

1 point

Sharing the post on your story

2 points

Tagging friends (max. 10)

1 point per friend tagged   OR    2 points per friend tagged that also follows Saathi

Total points possible

28 points

Disqualification Criteria: 

  1. You will be disqualified from Saathi Birthday Week Contest if you mentioned any other brands on the post.
  2. You will be disqualified if you mentioned random handles that do not exist to gain nomination points.
  3. Invalid and spammy account entries would not be considered valid.
  4. Any post that is not in the right spirit or hurts any sentiments would be disqualified.
  5. The contestant would be disqualified if s/he deletes any entry posts intentionally or by mistake.
  6. You would be disqualified if your entry is not genuine. Participants using images from web would be disqualified.


For our birthday week contest, here are the prizes the top 3 winners will be getting: 
 1st Prize: Saathi’s Banana Fiber Biodegradable Sanitary Pads subscription for a month 
 2nd Prize: Saathi’s Bamboo Combo Pack of 12 pads (4R+4M+4ON)
 3rd Prize: Saathi’s Friendship Combo

Terms & Conditions: 

Saathi Pads may use her/his name, likeness or image for promotional and marketing purposes without the requirement for any payment to the participant and the participant hereby grants Saathi Pads the right to do the same and expressly waive any claims against the organizers in this regard.

Saathi's decision is final with respect to all matters relating to awarding of the prize and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any participant or by any third party. Saathi also reserves the right to update the points system, general rules, terms and conditions and other offer terms without notification.

Saathi shall not be responsible in the event of “entries” being not received on Instagram due to any network problem, a breakdown in machinery or any other technical error of any nature whatsoever.

By participating in this quiz/contest, the participants shall be deemed that they have read, understood and have accepted the terms and conditions as mentioned above and further hereby undertake to fully abide by the same.

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