Saathi Olympics 2021: 16-Days of Exciting Plastic-Free Challenges. The Rulebook & Prizes

Saathi Olympics 2021: 16-Days of Exciting Plastic-Free Challenges. The Rulebook & Prizes

Are you ready for the challenges?

Your wait is over. Here, we present you  with all the details about the Saathi Olympic games challenge. Feel free to share with your friends and family and make it more engaging and competitive! This challenge would be of 16-days event where we are coming together with 4 DIY (Do It Yourself) challenges with the rest of the days focusing on plastic free challenge activities. The participants need to make the best out of the waste in ‘DIY’ challenges. 

Every person participating in the challenge would be awarded with points which would be accumulated for all 16 days at the end of the competition. At the end of the challenge, three winners would be announced winning gold, silver and bronze medals. There are few additional awards/prizes as well which is mentioned below in the ‘prize’ section. They would be recognized in Saathi’s social media handles. There are additional points for each participant for sharing activity, photos and videos and if  nominated a person  also participates in the challenge.

Details of the scoring can be seen below:



DIY - 1

DIY - 2

DIY - 3

DIY - 4


Participation Points






Points per Nominations. - Nominates other connections to participates by mentioning them within 24 hours of posting






The nominee participates in the challenge and their entries are found to be valid












Bonus Points

There would be additional bonus points to be won throughout the Saathi Olympics. You can get additional 20 Bonus points for sharing some helpful advice/insights in each post. Bonus points based on participation are also there, for participation in 8 challenges you get 40 bonus points, for participation in 10 challenges you would get 60 bonus points, for participation in 12 challenges you get 80 bonus points. Also, additional bonus points would be added by Team Saathi based on quality of entries and its impact if adapted by masses.





Following are the general rules to follow to participate:

Olympic Rules


All entries would be considered valid only if they have #SaathiOlympics and mentions @saathipads

All entries should be in post form only. Stories would not be counted. The participants can add stories additionally but not as entries.

All nominations should have a valid account

Entries would be considered valid only if the participants have followed our Instagram handles

The Entries received within the stipulated timelines would only be considered or else they will be disregarded and would not receive any points

The nominations by the participants should be done within the post. You can edit the post later if you missed it

The Contest is open to INDIAN RESIDENTS ONLY.

The minimum criteria for winning the olympic style medals Gold, Silver, Brownze prizes is to participate in minimum 6 challenges. Minimum 6 entries should also have nominations (mentions of friends encouraging them to participate)

The winning contestants would have to share their full-frame images with us for online facilitation

Disqualification Rules

You will be disqualified from Olympics if you mentioned any other brands on the post

You will be disqualified if you mentioned random handles that does not exists to gain nomination points

Invalid and spammy account entries would not be considered valid

Any post that is not in the right spirit or hurts any sentiments would be disqualified

The contestant would be disqualified if s/he deletes any entry posts intentionally or by mistake

You would be disqualified if your entry is not genuine. Participants using images from web would be disqualified





3 Months Pads Subscription of choice - Bamboo with Certification + Medal + Certification + One Tea Peace & Wellness


2 Months Pads Subscription of choice - Bamboo with Certification + Medal + Certification + One Detox Tea


1 Months Pads Subscription of choice - Bamboo with Certification + Medal + Certification + One Bamboo brush + One Bamboo Comb + Mask

Community Award

1 Months pads subscription (Judge's choice award for enthusiasm, social sharing, inviting others to participate and lead the community) + Mask

Participation Prizes

Additional 10% discount coupon code on existing offers


**Terms & Conditions: 

Saathi Pads may use her/his name, likeness or image for promotional and marketing purposes without the requirement for any payment to the participant and the participant hereby grants Saathi Pads the right to do the same and expressly waive any claims against the organizers in this regard. 

Saathi Pads decision is final with respect to all matters relating to awarding of the prize and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any participant or by any third party. Saathi Pads also reserves the rights to update points system, general rules, terms and conditions and other offer terms without notifying.

Saathi Pads shall not be responsible in the event of “entries” being not received on Instagram due to any network problem, a breakdown in machinery or any other technical error of any nature whatsoever.

By participating in this contest, the participants shall be deemed that they have read, understood and have accepted the terms and conditions as mentioned above and further hereby undertake to fully abide by the same.

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