Top tips on being more sustainable in your city and home life

Top tips on being more sustainable in your city and home life

Have you wanted to be more sustainable but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you looking for an India-specific guide? Get some easy tips on how to lead a more sustainable life at home or in your local city with our new Saathi Sustainability Guide! 

We conducted a survey to make sure we covered the most relevant topics and we’re excited to share this guide with you to help you lead a more sustainable life! This guide will inform about different recycling centers around the city, where you can get compost and how to reuse your waste through DIY.


Our guide is organized and themed around five different areas. The first section explores alternative transport options and different ways to travel. We give examples to show that traveling locally can be as powerful and as fun as traveling far. The next section covers recycling and selling scrap material. There are so many different places to recycle your waste; we are so happy to be able to guide you to different recycling centers around India and show you how to sort out your waste. The third option explores composting. Composting is such a fun way to reuse your fruit and vegetable waste, creating a rich fertilizer that your soil will love! Do you ever ask yourself what you can do with all your waste? Well, our fourth option shows you how you can reuse and upcycle old or waste objects around your house, giving them a completely new, practical and beautiful life! The last section exposes different random tips on how to easily be more sustainable at home. Our Sustainability Guide is also being launched during Plastic-Free July, so take a look at our other blogs which discuss the themes of environmentalism, such as trying to become Plastic Free (Lets Spread the word - Plastic Free July). 

Our guide is also excitingly designed to be city specific, giving you real examples! We have created two city specific guides, one for Delhi and one for Ahmedabad. The city specific guide will allow you to explore different options on how to be more sustainable in your city. Do you know where your recycling centres are? Or where you could buy compost? If that is a no, do not worry, because this guide includes all of this! We have also included beautiful sites and places as suggestions for where you could travel locally in your city, showing you that your city has so much to offer.

If this excites you and you want to know more about how to be sustainable, follow us on our social media platforms to stay tuned about when we launch our Sustainability Guide. This could be the beginning for you to start becoming more environmentally conscious both at home and in your city! Learn whether your city is sustainable and help encourage more people to live sustainably, because if you start doing this, a sustainable city will mean a more sustainable and healthier community.


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Lets Spread the word - Plastic Free July – Saathi: Eco-friendly, period


About Saathi: 

Saathi is an award winning social venture which has a patented technology to convert agri-waste into absorbent materials. Our sanitary pads are 100% biodegradable and compostable made from banana and bamboo fibers, which convert into compost in 6 months of its disposal. Saathi pads are good for the body🩸, community 🌎 and environment 🌱. We are on a mission to revolutionize the hygiene industry as a consumer products company that makes products in a sustainable and responsible way.  

We are recognized by the UNESCO Green Citizens project, St. Andrews, Solar Impulse Foundation and Global Cleantech Innovation Program among others for our innovative, social impact and sustainable work. We are working towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12, 13, 3, 9, 5, 6, 8, and 14.

Check out a short video of our story here and follow us at @saathipads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube to learn about more facts and myth busters about sustainability, women’s health, and more!

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