How I Felt When I Got My Periods While I Was Sick

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Have you ever dreaded periods when you feel sick and your due date was near? Have you ever wondered what might happen if you are already numb from the fever and your period cramps hit you on the same note? Well, I did too and my doubts became crystal clear the day I actually experienced it. I still remember getting flashbacks of the terror my period caused when it arrived unannounced on the worst day. 

The story began when I had my onboarding meeting with Saathi. I was too excited about my internship. With that sunshine of happiness came a downpour of fever. After the meeting, I felt my bones shiver. This went on for days till I got myself tested and found out that I was down with Typhoid. It was also the time around which I got my first blog writing project. My illness could not stop me from writing it. After writing that first blog for Saathi, I felt overjoyed. 

But, again, with the good news of my first blog for Saathi being published came the thing I dreaded the most. My periods. I was already fatigued from the Typhoid and my appetite was nil when it struck me. Even though my usual bone-crushing cramps were bearable because of the ongoing medications, especially the fever ones, I still felt unwavering discomfort. The wetness from the pads gave me chills and I could not make myself swallow a thing. I also got period rashes from using the regular pads as I ended up forgetting to change my pads because of the fever.

All thanks to the liquid Oral Rehydration Salts drink I sipped that kept me from fainting. Since I was not able to keep solids down, I had a lot of warm liquids and a good rest. My periods delayed my recovery from typhoid fever. It made me feel weak and irritated. But, when I recovered I made sure that I switched to a more natural sanitary pad so it wouldn’t cause any irritation and make my experience more comfortable.

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After it was over, it took me a few days to get myself to speed. It was a painful experience but you can make it easier by using the right sanitary pads. It is better to prefer 100% biodegradable and natural pads like Saathi so that you don’t get rashes and irritation due to the chemicals/plastics present in the normal pads. Unburden your sick days by using those sanitary pads that don’t make your days even harder. Switch to a safer, better option. For a healthier lifestyle.


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About Saathi:

Saathi, an award-winning social venture has patented technology to convert agri-waste into absorbent materials. It is known for its 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads made from banana and bamboo fibers. Saathi pads are better for the body🩸, community 🌎 and environment 🌱. We are on a mission to make products sustainably and responsibly. 

We are recognized by the UNESCO Green Citizens project, University of St. Andrews, Solar Impulse Foundation, and Global Cleantech Innovation Program among others for our innovative, social impact, and sustainable work. We are working towards 8 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Check out a short video of our story here and follow us at @saathipads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube to know how menstruation can be sustainable and stigma-free.

Isha is an undergraduate student at Delhi University, pursuing a literature major. She is quite passionate about writing and never fails to advocate for women’s issues.

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