Clean City, Clean India, Clean World- Go Green!

Clean City, Clean India, Clean World- Go Green!

Every year, Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June, when really, we should celebrate the environment every day. It’s incredible how lively and bright our home is and it’s up to us to find ways to ensure it remains that way. Increasingly the need for greater awareness in creating a more sustainable future - one with less pollution, greater biodiversity, and better overall health to our planet - is crucial since the Earth supports us in all we do.

Initially, Environment Day was created by the United Nations in 1972 to mark the first Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This brought worldwide awareness for the environment and brought positive results through the many countries actively involving discussions between political leaders and citizens alike for the benefit of the planet. Every year there are different themes followed by businesses, communities, NGO’s, governments, and celebrities worldwide to enhance and make changes for our world.

Saathi is really into it to save the environment and producing biodegradable sanitary napkins which are made from banana fibre and it doesn't cause irritation and rashes. They are a harmless product and are free from chemicals, can be available at an affordable cost. And moreover, it's soft for sensitive skin. Eco-friendly products are so beneficial over plastic pads. Plastic is harmful to our skin as well as for the environment.

We at Saathi are very much aware of how important the environment truly is as our sanitary napkins, which are made from local banana fibres, are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and toxin free. This comes in contrast to regular sanitary women’s products which include plastics and other materials that lead to greater amounts of waste and carbon emissions. The work we do daily makes every day an environment conscious day.

Where are these Saathi pads available?

We are delighted to announce that our environmentally friendly & biodegradable sanitary products are now available in select retail stores and on Amazon.

The shop Green straw located in Ahmedabad.

Address: 32 Usmanpura Village, River Front Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380014

Green Straw is working on making environmental sustainability, a common practice for all. They use products which protect the Earth where such stores should be encouraged for the betterment of the society.

The shop Saukhyam located in Goa.

Address:- H No 451 First Floor Shop 109-115 Nova Cidade Commercial complex, Next to Mall De Goa-Porvorim, Bardez Goa Pin-404521

Saukhyam is an eco-store where the owners have carefully curated a collection of natural, green, healthy and eco-friendly products from around the country. They pride themselves on showcasing innovative and quality products that are native to India.

Eco Trunk is an earth-friendly, vegan e-commerce portal that retails products from compassionate creators across India. This is our online store where our Saathi pads are available.

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  • Nice article 👍 We all should be aware and conscious about the environment.

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