Week 4 of #SGBBS - A Guide

Week 4 of #SGBBS - A Guide

So, Saathi has turned eight years old! And in celebration of our birthday and all your love and loyalty for the past eight years, we are doing a #SGBBS Birthday Sale. Starting from 19th August, each week we have different offers coming up just for you. From Free Subscriptions to many other tantalizing surprise reveals, stay tuned for all our sales and keep following our website, socials, and our YouTube for all the details!

Successfully, we have reached week 4 of our birthday sale! And this week we have our fun and adventurous spinning wheel! You spin the wheel and let your luck decide your gift, but rest assured - every spin will have a guaranteed gift! The gifts include one of the following per customer: A Free Trial Pack, a Free Clutch Pouch, a Free Comb and Brush kit, Free subscription of the bamboo pads for 3, 6, or 12 months, an additional discount of either 20% or 50% off, and just straight 50 or 100 rupees off! Isn’t that fun?!

Follow the instructions below to understand how to avail this offer! And if you’re more of a video person then you can go to this link for an audio-visual instruction guide: 

Step 1: Go to our website at www.saathipads.com and the spin the wheel pop-up will appear right away, if not, you can click the ‘Spin Now’ at the bottom right corner for the same. 

Step 2: Once the wheel is visible, type in your name and email address so you can get your personalized coupon code, click agree on the terms and conditions after you’ve gone through them and click ‘Spin now to get your gift’.

Step 3: Once your wheel has spun, it’ll rest on your gift and automatically your personalized coupon code will show up. PLEASE remember to copy this code, because you will need it on your check-out stage.

Step 4: Once you’ve copied your code, you’ll notice there would be a banner on the top of your page with a timer that’ll show you how much time you have left to make your purchase before the validity of your code expires. Please remember that all the codes are time-sensitive, so feel free to explore through the website first before playing the spinning wheel so you have an idea on what to buy.

Step 5: Once you’ve added your products to the cart, proceed to checkout where you’ll get a space to enter the discount code. Type in or past the code from earlier, and apply it, and you’ll see that the aforementioned gift/discount will automatically be applied to your cart.

Step 6: Proceed to checkout and pay as you’d normally do with your Saathi orders, and sit back while we send you your orders.

Note: If you get a free gift on your spinning wheel, for example - the free Clutch Pouch. Add the clutch pouch into your cart from our website along with another product that is not of Rs 0/- value. Now head to checkout and just apply the code for the same and you’ll see that the clutch pouch will become automatically free!

The spinning wheel offer exists till the 16th of September ONLY! So make sure you avail your free gifts and discounts before that and while the stocks last.


**Contact us at care@saathipads.com in case of any issues (do send screenshots if necessary). Reach out to us on our email to share your experience, stories, and feedback!

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