Week 1 of SGBBS - How to Avail the Free Subscription Boxes

Week 1 of SGBBS - How to Avail the Free Subscription Boxes

So, Saathi is turning eight! And in celebration of our birthday and all your love and loyalty for the past eight years, we are doing a #SGBBS Birthday Sale. Starting from 19th August, each week we have different offers coming up just for you. From Free Subscriptions to many other tantalizing surprise reveals, stay tuned for all our sales and keep following our website, socials, and our YouTube for all the details!

Starting off the birthday sale is our amazing offer on subscription boxes. When you buy a subscription box for 3, 6, or 12 months - you get the subsequent subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months for FREE! Isn’t that amazing! Follow the instructions below to understand how to avail this offer! And if you’re more of a video person then you can go to this link for an audio-visual instruction guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOUueUtmbzk

Step 1: Go to our Homepage on our website www.saathipads.com, and go to the ‘SHOP’ section on the top left corner. 

Step 2: Under the ‘SHOP’ section, go to the ‘Subscription Box’ Section

Step 3: In the Subscription Box Section, you will see two options - Bamboo Fibre Pads, and Banana Fibre Pads. Both are excellent choices - completely biodegradable, sustainable and comfortable for your periods! You choose one option of your choice.

Step 4: Once you’ve chosen the fiber of your choice, you can move on to customizing your subscription box! The first step would be to customize the types of pads in the box according to your flow, needs and preferences. Each box contains 12 pads, and thus you can mix and match the pads for the medium flow (Regular: 245 mm), medium flow but bigger length (Heavy: 295 mm) and, the pads for heavy flow (Overnight: 350 mm). Make sure the total number of pads are 12.

Step 5: Continuing with the customisation, you can choose the number of boxes you want to receive. Each box has 12 pads. Ordering 2 boxes would give you 24 pads and so on. The number of boxes you select will be sent every month for the number of months you choose. So, for example - You choose 2 boxes for 3 months, you will receive 24 pads each month, for three months. For 1 and 3 months, the total pads will be shipped in one go, for 6 months you’ll receive the total pads in two shipments spaced apart, and for the 12 months you’ll receive the total pads in 4 installments spaced three months apart.

Step 6: Once you’ve customized the subscription according to your preferences, click Add to Cart, which will show the total amount and your summarized selection.

Step 7: Now comes the fun part! Click on the ‘+’ next to your product, and it’ll duplicate the order but you’ll notice that the other one is completely FREE! This is a part of our SGBBS Birthday Sale, so make sure you avail it as soon as possible as the offer only lasts till 26th August!


Step 8: And then finally, you can Checkout and add your details in and make your payment and wait for your Saathi subscription box to be shipped soon!

The Offer on Subscription boxes lasts till 26th August ONLY! So make sure you avail this insane super-saver deal before that and stay tuned for our upcoming deals 😀

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